THE COSMIC GARDEN--A Weekly Astrological Forecast

Sun is going into Gemini right now and semi-square Venus and the New Moon/Super Moon in Gemini happens on the 25th this week. This will be the closest the Moon gets to Earth in 2017 (also known as “perigee”). The first 2 weeks of this Lunar Cycle that starts on the 25th are perfect times for turning over a new leaf, getting things done, finishing older projects or starting new ones. Lots of changes and of course, lots of issues with relationships, beauty, communications, short term commuting and transportation, messaging, social activity, conversations, etc.
The passing of this month’s Sun and Moon through the skies will affect you personally depending on what natal house (in your chart) they are transiting through. A complete chart analysis could make this more personal. See Tarot and Stars for more info. 
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We are in the last days of the Sun in Taurus and it enters Gemini on the 20th. The Moon is waning and is in Saturn today and is placed in the Third Quarter, moving to the Last Quarter phase on the 18th-19th. Time for personal energies to be focused inward. The Sun is in Earth going into an Air sign, communication quickens, a flurry of activity. Take some time in the early part of the week to get grounded and stay focused.

Mercury is in 29 degrees of Aries and is conjunct Uranus, trine Saturn and semi-square to Neptune this week. Mercury enters Taurus on the 16th. Keep in mind that Mercury is now in forward motion and leaves the retrograde shadow period this coming up week around the 21st. The planets Mercury is interacting with now still hang an element of danger all around it, especially with the conjunct Uranus. Safety, short term commuting and communication can be affected. Results will be restrictive with Saturn. Elements of mystery, illusion and untruths, situations under the surface will also come into play with Neptune. No handshake deals, get stuff in writing. Lots will be revealed through the media this week as well.

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With the Sun in harmonious Taurus and the Full Moon, the “Flower” Moon in Scorpio that peaks at 543 PM EDT on Wednesday, the 10th--we will have a good week. It will be great for accomplishing goals during the waxing phase on Monday and Tuesday. The Full Moon always notes what what one is emotional about. Truth and emotional depths are important right now. Scorpio is always interesting, because those under it’s influence make their own rules. Sex, death and other people’s money will be some items that could be highlighted right now. Let’s see what the rest of the planets are doing...

Mercury is out of its retrograde phase, and 25 degrees into Aries, but the shadow period will continue for quite some time. Some calendars have this going until the 21st of May (in its post shadow phase) so proceed with caution while driving and perhaps extend this period out until after that date if you have to write, document or sign anything. This transiting planet is also conjunct transiting Uranus (see below), this can add a dangerous element to everyday routines. 

Venus is in 5 degrees Aries, sex is steamy, love relationships are lusty and it is springtime after all! Lots of loving for the sake of love. Go with the flow!

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THE COSMIC GARDEN for May 1, 2017

Sun in Taurus and Moon in Cancer today...a balanced day of earth and water energies, great for planting, home is important and so is mothering. Let’s check out the rest of the transiting planets...

Mercury is still retrograde in Aries at 24 degrees and goes direct on May 3rd. However there will be a long shadow period after the try to refrain from making decisions based on the signing of contracts, short term commuting, moving, etc. There still may be snafus with communication and be prepared. Back up your computer. Cover your ass when it comes to communicating with anyone. 

Venus is in 1 degree of Aries. This planet is always about how we love and what we love. The object of our affections. This is some hot, steamy stuff here, Venus in Aries is love and excitement about love. It also offers up excitement about the Arts, Music and other things in our lives that you find beautiful. Gardens, homes, children, mates. What house is this hitting in your natal chart will give you a clue as to what exactly this is affecting in your life.

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