This Waxing Crescent Moon Phase and it's power has been largely ignored by the Astrological Community and this is because many don't know about it. In the old times, people used this phase of the Moon to get inspiration, to set intentions, plan strategies and take action. A very powerful time! This Moon Phase was especially helpful for women and accentuated female energies.

This Moon Phase is the first one you can visibly SEE after the Dark Moon. It can be seen in the western sky about three days after the Dark Moon and it is viewed as a small thin crescent on the right side of the Moon arcing to the left at top and bottom. Like Diana's Bow! It first appears several hours before sunset and sets a couple of hours after the Sun does. For example, if the Dark Moon is in Libra, the Diana's Bow will generally be in the very next sign of Scorpio. Being in each sign will give this Moon Phase very different and specific attributes. The influence of this Moon Phase is approximately a day before, during and a day after.

The Diana's Bow Moon and Venus, the "Evening Star."

This was a sacred time for women. Women living in close proximity had their Moon Times cycled together in those old days and were in the Red Tent (or set apart in a specific place and deemed unclean by the patriarchal powers of that time) during the Dark Moon. At this time, they could not garden, forage, take care of animals, clean, prepare food, cook or wait on the men and boys. They were given a break from their endless servitude to the male class that was oppressing them.

The women and girls gathered with the smaller children in the Red Tent and then the men were forced to look after everything and do all the work within their communities for several days and up to a week. This is what we mean when we discuss the women's mysteries in Pagan, Wiccan and Witchy circles. During the Dark Moon, women were able to pamper themselves, adorn themselves in their finest clothing and jewelry, have the camaraderie of other women to celebrate their womanhood and focused on inner work and spirituality. The Diana's Bow symbolized the new, setting goals and intentions, assessing the month ahead, female empowerment and "coming out of the tent," as it were.

In honour of this Moon Phase, every month I will be offering a short, astrological forecast about the empowerment of women based on the old ways. Gathering your personal energies and making your mark! This can be a topic in your women's groups, be your focus during personal meditations and prayer and help you to be inspired.

I highly recommend the following books on this topic:
"The Red Tent" by Anita Diamant is my favorite.
Also "Ariadne's Thread" by Shekhinah Mountainwater.
This link will also lead you to a list:
I will keep adding to this list.



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