Cami from Enchanted Triple Moon in Zephyrhills, Florida showing a customer the Akashic Oracle.

I have to say, I love "The Akashic Oracle" and have been using this oracle deck regularly with my clients for a couple of months now. The deck was created by Mel Shapcott from 48 of her brilliantly colorful watercolor paintings. 

The deck was shipped to me very quickly and came beautifully packaged in a very firm box with the logo outside and that box in a bright purple organza drawstring bag. I also received a personal letter from Mel Shapcott that included instructions on how to use the deck.

Photographs would not do the artwork on the cards justice, you would need to see them to feel the energies they evoke. On the reverse side of each card, there is a description of the energies of that specific painting; the message meant to be a focal point for a meditation, prayer or a daily intention. The darker toned beige color with the message is very restful on the eyes. 

Presumably each message accurately describes the energy flow currently existing with the querent who pulled the card. Either these messages have been spot on with my clients or they confirm or align themselves with the readings I am providing to them. For every client, I have them pull one of these cards either before or after their reading. The clients just love the artwork and the simplicity of these messages.

I work in several local stores teaching and reading the Tarot and Lenormand, Runes, Pendulum, Crystal Healing and casting Astrological charts. At the beginning of my shifts, everyone I work with also pulls a card and reads the message on the back aloud. We definitely get a clear and collective idea of the what the day ahead will be like.

This deck will definitely enhance and embellish any divination work you are doing with your clients. I have received nothing but positive responses from everyone that has pulled the cards and read their special messages! You will love this!

Anita Stewart aka Aria
FB: Tarot and Stars

The Akashic Oracle.

Cami from Enchanted Triple Moon reading for a customer.
A personal letter from Mel Shapcott.

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