Are you looking for a Tarot Consultant, for your Birthday Party, Wedding or Baby Shower, Bar, Pub, Dance, Concert, Open Air Market, Family Reunions, Fundraiser or any other special event? 

I am available for Corporate Meetings, Conferences, Births, Deaths and other Life Passages, Psychic Fairs, Renaissance Festivals, Holidays (such as Samhain/Halloween or Yule/Christmas seasons), Full Moons or any other special gathering. 

I can also provide research information for journalists and authors, work as an extra for films or assist law enforcement as needed.

Group rates for special events are negotiable or I can price based on each consultation. 

I have over 45 years of experience with Tarot, Astrology, Crystal and Chakra Healings, Runes, Tea Leaf Readings and Lenormand. 

Classes are always available online for groups of over 5 people who have prepaid. Group rates for classes are negotiable.

Private online readings and consultations via Skype or Facebook Messenger--just call 813.312.2292 to make an appointment.

For any inquiry call or text me for more information or contact me through my social networks: