The entire series will be repeated again very soon.
Introduction to the Tarot in 3 Sessions
First session is 4 hours long and is $50. 
Second and Third sessions are 2 hours long 
and $25 each. 
If you prepay for all 3 sessions, your cost is $85. (You save $15!)

Aria has been reading and teaching the Tarot for over 45 years. 
A Rider-Waite or similar deck, a notebook, pen and an inquiring mind. 

Introduction to the Tarot 101
This class is a prerequisite to all other Tarot classes taught by Aria.
Some of the topics we will cover will be:
Description of a Tarot Deck and how to store it
Tarot and its relations to other modalities ie., Astrology, Numerology, etc.
The Suits
The Elements
The Major and Minor Arcana
The Court Cards
One Card Readings
Three Card Readings
...and MORE! 

Introduction to the Tarot 102
We will talk about the public face of the Tarot and go more in depth about how to do readings for others in this class. In addition to doing readings for each other and some story-telling and games with the cards, we will cover:
Different types of Spreads
How Psychic Fairs and other events should be conducted
Ethics and Morals of doing Readings and Consultations for the Public
Tarot in the Entertainment and Media world...
How much you should be paid...and MORE! 

Introduction to the Tarot 201
This class will focus on doing inward and will address spirituality, meditation and how to use the Tarot for your own spiritual advancement and as a healing modality for others. We will do readings for other and workshop each other’s readings. We will also cover:
Myths and misconceptions
Esoteric Meanings
Books, websites and resources for your independent research...and MORE! 

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***EMAIL, TEXT OR CALL ME if you have any questions or concerns. or 813.312.2292

"You Are Not Just Your Sun Sign" Workshop
This class will be scheduled again soon!
4 hours for $50
Astrology 101 is a lively class so expect to participate and learn how to read your own astrological chart as this is the very best place for a new student to start. 
We will also cover the following:
*Natal Charts (each one is like a snowflake--unique!)
*Planets, their properties and what they teach us about ourselves
*Aspects of the Planets in relation to our Natal Charts
*Transits of the Planets, Retrogrades and more
*Moon Phases and Cycles
*Rising Sign and Moon Sign and their importance
*Asteroids and why they matter
*How to read an Ephemeris
This will be an introductory class. 
Depending on demand we can schedule more advanced classes later.
Please bring a copy of your natal chart, notebook and pen. 
You will need the natal wheel chart. 
If you have any questions about acquiring your natal chart, get in touch with me and I can tell you how to get it online for free.

Tea Leaf Reading Class
Come and learn how to do Tea Leaf Readings with Aria!
This class will be scheduled again soon! 
2 hours for $25
Tea Leaf Reading or Tasseography has its origins in the Middle East and Ancient Greece. The root word, “tasse” means cup. This form or modality of fortunetelling uses tea leaves (sometimes coffee grounds) together with the unique patterns created in the cup to evoke upcoming events and trends in the querent’s life.

October 7th, 2017
2 hours for $25
Some of the topics:
*Learn history and basic meanings of all 25 runes, including the meanings of the 16 runes that can be interpreted both upright and reversed
*Discuss selecting, caring for and cleansing of your runes
*Learn rune spreads 
*Learn how to use both the runes and your intuitive abilities while doing readings for others...and MORE!

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Oct 21st, 2017
2 hours for $25
Come and learn how to do Rune Readings with Aria! 
The class is $25. 

Prerequisite is the beginning Rune Class that was held on February 4th, 2017 and noted above.
Some of the topics:
*We will be focusing specifically on associations, Rune Spreads, Divination and Readings for others. 
*Astrological, Crystal, Tarot and Herblore associations.
*A short tutorial on how to make your own Runes.
*Learn how to use both the runes and your intuitive abilities while doing readings for others in a workshop atmosphere...and MORE!


Protection and Shielding: 
How to Guard Against Psychic Attacks
September 23rd, 2017
2 hours for $25
Not everyone believes in "do no harm." 
Not everyone follows a karmic return method of magick. 
Not everyone does spellwork, rootwork, magick and spells with the intention of NOT harming somone else. 
One of the first things we will learn is how to determine if you are really under Psychic Attack and by whom. 
We will learn methods of fighting these attacks off, spellwork and methods of deflecting these negative energies. 
We will go over some methods to keep ourselves safe from these types of attacks and how to bless, protect and shield our homes, surroundings and protect ourselves when we are in open spaces.  

Facebook Event is HERE

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September 30th, 2017
2 hours for $25
Aria has been reading and teaching the Tarot for over 45 years and started working with the Lenormand about 5 years ago. She incorporates the Lenormand with her Tarot readings. 
A Lenormand deck, a notebook, a pen and an inquiring mind.
Introduction to the Lenormand
Some of the topics we will cover will be:
Description of a Lenormand Deck and how to store it
Lenormand and its relations to other modalities ie., Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, etc.
The Cards
The Symbology
One Card Readings
Three Card Readings
...and MORE! 

Facebook Event is HERE

Meetup is HERE

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