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Full Moon in Aries on October 1st, 2020--Even Though This is a Full Moon, It is Time for Releasing!

The Full Moon in Aries peaks on October 1st at 1706 hrs EDT. This is also the Harvest Moon, the Full Moon that is closest to the Fall Equinox or Mabon that took place a little over a week ago. Now we are really stepping into the Fall season with cooler nights, sultry days and here in Florida, a desire to be outside as the humidity is now at normal levels. This Full Moon has a lot of transiting stuff happening around it at the same time right now. So these are not the normal Aries energies we are playing with. For one thing, Mars is retrograde in it's own sign of Aries. See my previous quarterly forecast right HERE to analyze the present and upcoming transits in more depth.  For the next month, what will work in the best way for most is assertiveness (not aggressiveness), knowing how to be strategic when interacting with others and knowing our own power. Conflicts, temper tantrums and bad energies will generally not end well for anyone. Learn how to count to ten and take deep, clea

Happy Mabon/Fall Equinox 2020! A Seasonal Forecast...

 The equal time of equal dark and light. The second harvest. The time of the new wine, red and bold. I love this time of year, just as colorful as the springtime. The color wheels are different but stunning just the same. I hope your days this coming week are beautiful and wishing the best to all of you! Much more to come! And very happy that 2020 is almost over!  The first half of 2020 has been a wild and crazy time so far and it doesn't matter what astrological sign anyone is, this has affected everyone on the planet. This year has been quite a cosmic shift and a brand new awakening for so many of us! And the crazy is not over yet. The fiery and war-like Mars will be retrograde in it's own sign of Aries from September 9th until November 13th. Expect to be challenged personally with your ability to keep the peace, stay calm and control of your temper. The news of the day will reflect the Martian themes of impulsiveness, war and conflict.  Mars squaring Saturn and Pluto will cr

New Moon in Virgo on September 17th, 2020--Service to Others, Preparing for the Dark Time

  So what have you left undone? What needs to get done now? Projects put on the back burners need to be brought up to the front and need to be carried through to completion. No more procrastinating! Time to finish these tasks and tie up any loose ends. And be sure to ground! Mars went retrograde on September 9th and will stay there until November. Work with your past so you can properly apply strategies for your future. The New Moon will peak in the sign of Virgo on Wednesday, September 17th at 7AM EST. Magickal work will be auspicious when done right before that time or the night before.  We are preparing for Mabon/Fall Equinox in under a week, the day of equal light and dark and then plunging headlong into the last part of the Harvest season and the Dark Time.  Mabon/Fall Equinox will be next Tuesday, September 22nd. This day usually includes a sumptuous feast with the red new wine. Decorate your altars with cornucopias of fresh fruit, corn, wheat, bread and berries. I am totally con


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