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A New Moon in Aries and a Message for Everyone! 4/11/21

#NewMoon in #Aries ! From Pamela, a circle sister of mine...I added a few comments in that are starred... Interesting stuff = several sites talk about ARES (or Eris) - the sister of Mars, Goddess of Chaos and disruption squaring Pluto til 10/21 causing a radical shift of the ages and bringing in a new level of activism and awakening of social justice. Lots of energy for fighting for justice and equality. I'm going to spend some time in ritual meditating on universal healing for equality - maybe come up with some sort of spell to work toward that over the next 6 months. ***I am looking at that aspect of Eris with Pluto...should be a critical aspect for a prominently placed Mars or anyone that is Aries Sun, Rising or will affect each of those in a different way. In conjunction, Uranus is in Taurus until 2026. Uranus brings new things, Taurus is Earth energy...New Earth, so I want to put focus on creating a new Earth by ritual and by making my personal choices as Earth frie


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