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Tarot, Astrology, Runes and Lenormand Services in Tampa, Florida. Tarot and Stars was founded in Tampa in 2009.
Anita Stewart aka Aria Sparrowsong has been reading the Tarot and casting Astrological Charts for over 45 years in Tampa Bay, Washington, DC and in Europe. Known in the real world as Anita Stewart and previously known as "the Tarotlaydee," she is a Tarot and Astrology Scholar and has read Oracle cards, casted Runes and has done House Blessings throughout the Tampa Bay area. She is reviving the ancient art of reading tea leaves or Tasseography or Tasseomancy and doing Grande Tableau consultations with the Lenormand, once popular in the salons of Paris! Each reading or consultation is meant to be energy for self-actualization and can give one an inside track on available opportunities and what paths to take next. Healing only happens as we gain knowledge of ourselves. Anita's next project is painting and creating a new Lenormand Deck.
In Aria's personal life, she worked as an Intelligence Operations Specialist in the Air Force, she has been in the tech industry, been a peace, environmental and human rights activist, worked as staff for three presidential campaigns, been elected to local office in Tampa (Hillsborough County), worked in healthcare, social media, promotions and hosted her own radio shows. Currently, she pens an Astrology column for ROCK AT NIGHT, a quarterly rock music magazine. She also serves as managing editor and regular contributor for the website and magazine and she interviews musicians for the website's exclusive podcast series.
***Anita currently resides just north of Tampa. She has called the Tampa area home off and on since 1968. She is available for online or phone readings by appointment and can be booked for Parties, Special Events and Life Passages/Rites of Passage anywhere in the Tampa area. She is also available for seasonal festivals. Has assisted and consulted with authors on plots and character studies. Can assist law enforcement with ongoing investigations.
Call or text 813.312.2292 for more information.

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