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Just an update 5/26/21...Full Moon in Sagittarius, Eclipse Season and Mercury Retrograde--Expect the Unexpected!

  THE FULL MOON IS TONIGHT! Yes, this is a time to expect the unexpected with the cosmic forces up there having their way with all of our confusion. A Full Moon in Sagittarius is a huge deal, taking us from the higher mind and advanced learning to what we can learn from above, opening the crown chakra along with the Third Eye and taking all this new knowledge in. This is also eclipse season, so be checking out those energies, too. Jupiter is the planet that rules Sagittarius, these energies morph into MORE no matter how you slice it. More blessings, more knowledge, more magick! Expansive means going outside of the box you are in and trying something new and edifying for the soul. Even though Sagittarius is a happy go lucky and gregarious personality, it is still a fire sign, so initiation, envisioning and taking action is what you need to do. Set your intentions. What is your role in this New Earth? What do you excel in? What do you love doing? Teacher, student, healer, playing music,


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