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Full Moon in Aries Wednesday, 10/20/21--How Do You Control Your Rage and Anger?

  So, these were such strange days for me, I could not even write about them until now. For those of you that know me, my Sun is in Aries. The Moon in Aries can be questionable and very emotional, almost never auspicious. And I have a weird placement in my 3rd House, my Sun and Mercury conjunct in 14 and 15 degrees of Aries. Eris is close to there somewhere...maybe transiting 10 degrees past that configuration. How can I explain it? I have been full of rage. Especially over what is happening in the world but also on a very profound and personal level and I found it difficult to communicate. As of this writing, Mercury is just coming out of retrograde but we are still in it's shadow for another week or so.  Irritations and agitations regarding what others say about the Full Moon in relation to releasing--this drives me batshit crazy. The Full Moon is for asking, manifesting and making things happen. Releasing is for the Dark Moon Magick and in some respects when the Moon is waning.

Monthly Moon Lodges--What Are They?

THE BLOOD LODGE - Excerpt from " Songs of Bleeding " by Spider In ancient times, the women's Bleeding Lodge was a structure set apart from the rest of the community where women would go to dream and communicate with the Ancestors when they were bleeding. Since life follows the cycles of the Earth and the Moon, activities of our Ancient Ancestors also closely followed the cycles of the Earth and Moon. The women all cycled together, ovulating at the full Moon and bleeding at the new Moon. When women started to bleed, they left their homes and families to go to the sacred introspective space of the Bleeding Lodge. The Lodge was honored and respected by the entire community, for the dreams and visions of the bleeding women brought vital survival information such as planting and healing knowledge and guidance on community relations. When there were questions that needed to be answered, the women would go to the Lodge and ask the Ancestors. All questions were always answered by

New Moon in Libra Wednesday, 10/6/21--How are Your Relationships With Others and With Yourself?

Collage by Janeva Zentz.    So how are your relationships? Are you giving, not receiving much back? Are you striving to keep your relationships real, engaging, rewarding? Do you think others are reciprocating? Do you feel that you are giving too much? Maybe it is time to sit back and analyze your interactions with others and be honest with yourself. Put pen to paper and write what you are feeling down. What is the key thing in your relationships with family, friends and lovers is BALANCE. Adding Mercury Retrograde in Libra at this same time makes communications between your people awkward, chaotic and sometimes totally misunderstood. We have five other planets retrograde right now but heave a sigh of relief as this will be the last New Moon with all of these backward spinning heavenly bodies. ( Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter). When Mercury goes direct on October 18th, the very next day it will square the Moon. It could cause some rough and rocky arguments, explosive emotio


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