Full Moon in Aries Wednesday, 10/20/21--How Do You Control Your Rage and Anger?


So, these were such strange days for me, I could not even write about them until now. For those of you that know me, my Sun is in Aries. The Moon in Aries can be questionable and very emotional, almost never auspicious. And I have a weird placement in my 3rd House, my Sun and Mercury conjunct in 14 and 15 degrees of Aries. Eris is close to there somewhere...maybe transiting 10 degrees past that configuration.

How can I explain it? I have been full of rage. Especially over what is happening in the world but also on a very profound and personal level and I found it difficult to communicate. As of this writing, Mercury is just coming out of retrograde but we are still in it's shadow for another week or so. 

Irritations and agitations regarding what others say about the Full Moon in relation to releasing--this drives me batshit crazy. The Full Moon is for asking, manifesting and making things happen. Releasing is for the Dark Moon Magick and in some respects when the Moon is waning. The Old Ways really need to be taught to the youngers as much of the Craft is being misinterpreted. 

In addition to planning a change to my living situation, making some huge purchases, a funeral and the losses and disagreements with a few friends, it has been a traumatic time and I am finding a need to separate myself to do some much needed healing. None of this ever comes easy for me. 

So for now, I am spending time on the back burner. Looking forward to spending Samhain alone unless my plans change and that is perfectly OK. Communing with the ancestors and wise ones that have already left this earth plane can probably give me some much needed new focus and wise advice while the veil is thin. And positive happenings are in the works. A monthly Moon Lodge is taking place and Goddess Classes will begin on the Dark Moon on November 4th. See my other posts for more information on those events. 

As I look out the window tonight I can barely see a little slice of the Full Moon gone, so it is in it's Waning Gibbeous phase now and in the sign of Taurus--great for balance in beauty and grounding. Yes, understanding self, releasing what is no longer needed and centering. I feel good that I am following my instincts and sheltering against the storm so I can work with this rage and morph it into something else for the good of all. 

How do YOU work with your rage and anger? What works? What doesn't? Leave me a comment! 


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