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Full Moon in Gemini on November 30th, 2020--and a Lunar Eclipse for the Holly-Daze!

  As we enter into the Holiday Season, the Universe decides to beckon us to more spiritual realms with a Full Moon in Gemini and a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at the same time! You will be able to check this eclipse through a livestream linked HERE .  This will be the last penumbral  lunar eclipse  this year . Residents of North and South America, Australia and parts of Asia will be able to see about 82% of the Full Moon turn a shade darker during the maximum phase of this  eclipse .  More info HERE . So many other things are happening at the same time this month; a special Full Moon, the Winter Solstice and the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn called the Great Conjunction with it's very deep and connecting energy that will affect all of us one way or another--one will not be able to escape the power of these transiting planets. This conjunction happens only once a approximately every 20 years...and this time around it will unfold in the air sign of Aquarius. This will r

New Moon in Scorpio on November 14th and 15th, 2020--Briefly Going to the Dark Side!

 The New Moon will be in it's dark phase a few minutes after midnight on November 14th, 15th--depending on where you are, Saturday/Sunday morning at EST (Eastern Standard Time).  You can convert to your local time at the following link: This is a tough time, a lot of deep feels and Scorpio is a water sign, so this Dark Moon is dealing with our deep dark side and the emotions that we normally don't share. This is a period where we can do the tough work on healing our individual pains, hurts and wounds as they seem to resurface at this time of year and we can then move to transform them. It is important to note that what is personal to you, keep it personal. Think--SECRETS and the word sacred! This is a time of meditation, prayer, body work (like yoga for example) and energy work that should last until November 30th and the next Full Moon. Friday the 13th is happening today (some say lucky and some say not)! Jupiter is conjunc


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