MOTHERS ARE HONORED THROUGHOUT THE MONTH OF MAY! A Special for MOM Every Fri and Sat at Royal Suzie in Tampa

  Hybrid Azaleas #2. Photo by Anita Stewart.   Not to be used without written permission. Come and join us for an exciting Mother's Day Special throughout the month of May at the Royal Suzie store in Tampa! A half hour reading using Tarot, Lenormand and Astrology is $90 for you--but bring along your MOM and she gets a 15 minute reading for FREE!  These readings are given on Friday and Saturday only and you must make a 45 minute appointment to block the time for both readings. I am at the store from Noon to 7PM. To schedule call Royal Suzie at 813.374.3162 or connect with one of the customer service and sales ladies through the store's Instagram page .   Royal Suzie is at 4228 N Florida Ave in Tampa, Florida 33603 just north of the intersection of Florida and MLK Blvd and on the west side of the street. We are right next door to Sea Maid's Creamery . If you have any questions, feel free to text or call me at 813.312.2292. Happy Mother's Day! Tarot and Stars on Instagram

Mini-Astrology Readings Throughout the Month of March! April is now added too!

THIS SPECIAL PRICE HAS BEEN EXTENDED FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF APRIL! Throughout the month of March 2024, I will be offering a special for 20 minute consultations with birth charts for $75. There are a number of ways to get your chart free online.  I would need the round chart with the graphic template of the planets below it. No, I cannot work off of apps, the chart needs to be printed off.  To calculate an accurate chart, you need your birth date, exact time and location. You must have the correct time--if you do not, I will do the best I can with the info you provide to me. However, some parts of your chart analysis may not be accurate. If you don't have your time, please configure your chart for 12 noon on your birth date.   Here are a few sites where you can calculate and print off your chart for free. (aka as Astrodienst) http://www.cafeastrolo


For legal purposes, spiritual consultations and intuitive readings are for entertainment purposes only. Consultations are given in sacred space and with the utmost in privacy and confidentiality. Clients/querents must be over 18 years of age or have a parent or legal guardian present. If they are an emancipated minor, they must present their documentation. Readings and consultations are not meant to substitute or supersede counseling with a licensed mental, social or health care professional. Tarot and Stars is not responsible for any liability regarding consultations and readings as we do not direct the client/querent to specific actions but give them choices and possibilities.

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