What is My Harvest and How Do I Find It? Mabon's #TarotBlogHop!

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***(I am the last one on this TarotBlogHop so the "First Blog" hyperlink above will take you back to the first post so you can start at the beginning.) The colors are the most beautiful in the Fall Season. Warm browns, golds, yellows, purples, reds, oranges of all shades. Even reflected in the school buses and Number 2 pencils for the beginning of the school year. Fall Equinox and the celebration of Mabon marks an equal day and night of light and darkness. The Sun enters the sign of Libra, representing balance. Preparations are underway for stocking up food and supplies before the Dark Time of the year. Everyone waits for the brightly colored foliage to make it's much anticipated mark on the landscape. The second harvest is of fruits, vegetables on the vine and new wine. In myths and legends, the story of Ceres aka Demeter, Persephone and Hades represents Mabon. Ceres was the Earth Mother who represented agricul…

Anything You Want to Know About the Friday the 13th and the Harvest Full Moon in Pisces!

I consider the number 13 to be a lucky and auspicious one and a Friday the 13th even better yet! A Full Moon in Pisces is an exalted one in Astrology, the watery depths of dream-time and the subconscious will be especially strong this weekend. Perfect for altered states! This Full Moon is a week before Mabon/Fall Equinox, the second celebration of the Harvest represented by the red and purple grapes for wine making and apples, the fruit of the Goddess! Known by the legends and stories world-wide and with the glorious star inside when you cut the fruit in half. I always think of mulled red wine with cinnamon and apple cobbler or pie at this time of year! 
(Lughnassad on the first of August is the First Harvest representing wheat and other grains, bread and beer.) The Harvest time concludes at Samhain, considered the third Harvest and the last chance to prepare for the dark time and the long winter. At Mabon/Fall Equinox next week, we focus our magickal work on the equal time of light …

Dreams of Gaia Tarot--Large or the Small, Pocket Sized?

Well, it really depends on what you prefer. This is just a short comparison on both decks created by Ravynne Phelan. I love the Dreams of Gaia Tarot, the art work is stunning and the restructuring of the Major Arcana just works for me when doing professional readings. You can find a description of the restructuring of the Major Arcana of this deck HERE
Sometimes this deck is more oracle in nature and some of the meanings of the cards are different than the standard Rider-Waite-Colman-Smith based decks, but that doesn't seem to matter when one is reading them in a spread and using one's intuition to divine the blending of the cards. I was drawn to the sigils for the elements and the use of them in lieu of the traditional suits of the Tarot deck.
My favorite difference in favor of the pocket edition is the lack of borders so the art really pops on the smaller deck! Also the pocket edition has the matte type of paper stock; the large deck uses shiny paper stock and the cards f…

A thin but very comprehensive book on how to read regular playing cards...

Love this book--A Deck of Spells--Hoodoo Playing Card Magic in Rootwork and Conjure! A really great source on cartomancy--using an easily accessible deck of playing cards for divination and simple spell-work. Easily organized to help one learn the meanings of each card for readings to include: the pips and court cards (people or their personalities or qualities) and lots of intriguing history and facts. The spell instructions are varied--for almost every purpose under the Sun and easy to do with items you can get right from a grocery or craft store. Southern lore, hoodoo and root-work predominate in these don't need to pay anyone to do your spells for you when you can do them yourself--this is much more ethical and teaches you how to set your own intentions! Highly recommend this book if you want to learn these secrets and a great addition to one's spiritual library!

I will be reading the Tarot at the Witches Ball in Pittsburgh on 11/9/19! See all you witchy folks there!


The New Supermoon in Virgo 8/30/19--Read More!

First, the technical stuff! The term ‘supermoon’ refers to a new or full moon which occurs on (or near) the point on the moon’s orbit closest to the earth (known as lunar perigee). It was coined by the astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979, when he observed that geo-physical stress seems to be enhanced within three days either side of their occurrence, causing earthquakes and other extreme weather phenomena. However, later research has refuted this claim, so there is some debate in that respect. There are usually between four and six supermoons a year. A full supermoon appears visibly bigger in the sky and can be a truly spectacular sight, especially in the northern hemisphere during Winter, when such moons are at their largest. Nolle established that the moon must be within 90% of perigee to be deemed a supermoon. However, this can designate ‘super’ status to a moon which is more than twenty degrees away from perigee: a very generous orb of astrological influence. In practice I now apply a …

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius! How Will This Affect YOU?

Check out the whole story at the first how this Moon will affect each sign! More about the name of this moon (Sturgeon) and skywatching info at the second link.