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It is that beautiful time of year when we are planting and starting seeds--literally and figuratively, things are growing and the green everywhere seems like a miracle. Intermittent rain showers are just as beautiful--every time it rains, the Goddess showers us with even more blessings. Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year is on it's way.

In certain cultures and traditions, both modern and in ancient times, the Sun is represented by the female, not the male gender. Amaterasu (Japanese), Beaivi (Sami), Bridget (Celtic), Ceres/Demeter (Greco-Roman), Sunna/Sol (Norse), Hathor and Sekhmet (Egyptian) and so many more come to mind.
A special HEALING SUN spread using the Tarot will be offered at a discount rate until the eve of Summer Solstice. What facets of your life need to be healed? A reading with this spread will clarify what options you have and shed some light on your pathway as you move forward. This is a twenty minute reading for $35.

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Sarahkkas Pathfinder (Wizard) Cards--The First Oracle Deck from Samiland

The first ever Oracle Deck using Saami (or Sami) images and spiritual principles has been created by a Sami Shaman or Noaidi named Astrid Ingebjørg Swart who is based out of Oslo, Norway. She established her practice over eight years ago and teaches Astrology, Natural Healing, Shamanism, Reflexology and much more--she also teaches internationally.

For those of you that don't know, the Sami or Saami people are the only indigenous people of Europe that the UN recognizes and they live in the far northern parts of Scandinavia and the Kola Peninsula of Russia, mostly above the Arctic Circle. The land, spanning four countries that used to have no borders was called Lapland and the people, Laplanders, but this term is no longer used as it is considered derogatory. They are the reindeer herders of the North and many still make their living this way. They are also known for their love of yoiking or joiking, a form of ceremonial singing and chanting. Since many of the Sami are a nomadic pe…

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Review of the White Rabbit Lenormand Deck

Love this little deck! Small and poker sized, perfect for doing a Grand Tableau spread using all of the cards! 

I am super fond of the orange to red color and design of the back and the rabbit and roses motif throughout the images on the deck. 
The images have the same type of vintage collage artwork that is used in the White Rabbit Oracle decks. I did a review of those last week that you can read HERE
This deck has male/female CHILD cards and an extra MAN and WOMAN card, so 39 cards in all. If anyone is hesitating on buying this, don't! Get it! 
Comes in a small plastic case so perfect for throwing in your pocket or purse and not getting the cards messed up or dog-eared. Highly recommend.
You can find the White Rabbit Oracle store on Etsy by going HERE. The website is HERE.

***Click on the images to make them larger.

WEDNESDAY SPECIAL: Online or Phone Readings

Online or phone readings using
#Tarot#Lenormand and  #Astrologywith  #Pendulum for $1 a minute ($20 minimum) starting Wednesday April 3rd and every Wednesday thru the rest of the month of April. 
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Review of the White Rabbit Oracle Decks (Original & II)

I just received these decks from the seller, Arianna Siegel and her store on the Etsy website. They arrived on time with a note from the seller and packaged in white tuck-boxes with two handouts of keywords and meanings for each card in each deck. These handouts are also accessible through the seller's personal website. Love the fact that only keywords and initial impressions are used. Nothing complicated so using these cards is an exercise of the reader's own intuitiveness.
I have to say I love both of these decks. The impressions and "feel" of the decks is a bit Gothic, a bit Victorian with some whimsy thrown in! The artwork is collage and stunning! The backs are just as beautiful as the cards. The original White Rabbit Oracle uses a Victorian design of deep greens with pink roses and the White Rabbit II has a damask leaf design in various shades of green. The backs are not mirror imaged. Yes, I do believe that you can use reversals with these Oracle decks. Mixing…

The Hidden Occult History of Moldavite

Moldavite is one of my favorite stones and I have been using it for magick or wearing jewelry with these stones for many years now. I can tell you firsthand that this stone does not come from just Czechoslovakia but many other places on our planet. Wherever a huge meteorite has hit, one has a chance of finding these stones...not created with any compound or mineral here on Earth, Moldavite comes from somewhere else, another planet or celestial body. The term for this is "tektite" and there are many different kinds of these. Moldavite has a distinctive leafy green color and almost looks like bottle glass. Buyer beware, there are many knock offs out there if you choose to buy some of these stones. Check your sources carefully. Not sure how I missed this very cool article, but it is worth checking out, lots of information here. This is the known history, but I have another history about this stone...maybe I will write about it someday. Enjoy reading this! 
By Aria/Anita.
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