Full Moon in Scorpio 5/15-16/22--the Flower Moon, Blood Red Moon, Mercury Retrograde and Lunar Eclipse!

We are going into some interesting energies this weekend, so hold on to your hats and get ready! Transits are affect all of us in different ways and dependent on where the planets are traveling through your astrological chart. Mercury Retrograde is in Gemini and the Full Moon is in Scorpio on Sunday night --the latter means spiritually working with the shadow side and going into some deep emotions. The  full moon in Scorpio  will  peak  at 12:13 a.m. ET on May 16 just after the lunar eclipse reaches totality at 11:28 p.m. ET on May 15. Get a comfy chair to lounge in for the outside on Sunday night, weather permitting so you can check out the Lunar Eclipse in real time. If you are not in a geographical area that can view this happening, there are many doing livestreams online. So will catch you all in the ethers. To get to the TikTok video I recorded the other day on all of these happenings in the sky, check out the link below!

New Moon in Taurus, Black Moon and a Partial Solar Eclipse on 4/30/22, Beltaine and the Upcoming Mother's Day

  "Peach Coloured Roses" Photo by Anita Stewart and "Nature Fantasies. ™ " No use without written permission. This weekend is a special time with the New Moon in Taurus, a Black New Moon (the second New Moon in a calendar month), a partial Solar Eclipse, the Wheel of the Year's Fire Festival of Beltaine or Beltane. This festival is one of stability, security, prosperity, abundance and a time to click those heels together and get witchy around the sacred fires! We need ALL of those things! Beltaine happens about halfway between the Spring or Vernal Equinox and Summer Solstice or Litha. The flowers are in bloom showing us that everything is fertile and ready to reproduce. It represents the mating of the God and Goddess, procreation, abundance, fertility and prosperity of both humans, animals and the newly planted fields. The people of old worked magick and energy for the coming growing season as it had everything to do with the food supplies for the

Full Moon in Libra on Saturday, 4/16/2022--Easter or Ostara, Balance and the Lightness of Being

Kristin Chenoweth as Ostara in "The American Gods" Miniseries. As I write this, the Full Moon in Libra will peak in almost an hour. It is a beautiful Spring day outside and a perfect time for the festivities of Ostara, Easter, Passover and Ramadan--a holiday time that is shared by all cultures. And that is what the sign of Libra is all about, a shared, collaborative energy.  Planting and sowing seeds of what we want: partnerships, relationships, abundance, fertility, equality, new growth, shared love and overall good feelings abound at this time of year.  On March 21st, we entered into the light time of the year. And with a Venus in Pisces transit happening until May 2nd, it may make the love we feel surreal at times; dreamy, ethereal. Your magickal workings today can include one, some or all of these elements. The cards I pulled reminded me of the energies of spring, going from the dark to the light, security, stability, the flowering of beauty to come. Cards that I pulled a

New Moon in Aries on Saturday, 4/2/2022--Light Energy in the Middle of a Darkened World

  Photographer Unknown. Well folks, I got carried away. This was my birthday season and I became so busy, I could not come up for air. It was a joyous time, I had an opportunity to meet with friends and spend some time and in between all of those good times, I am still trying to get settled into my new home with lots of details and settling in energies, gardening, getting accustomed to the neighborhood, etc. I will be changing the format on how I create these posts as we go into the future and not just writing about the Astrological trends, but also doing some card spreads as well. I have been doing live sessions on TikTok and while I find the platform challenging at this time, I am sure I will get used to it. My user name at TikTok is: @tarot_and_stars. So find me there and please follow me. I try to get on there at least 2 to 3 times a week. I am spending less time on Facebook and Twitter and more time everywhere else (like Instagram for example). I don't think any social network

Full Moon in Virgo on Friday, 3/18/2022--Grounding, Centering and Using Logic to Make Future Plans

  Grounding, organizing and centering seems to be what those paying attention to this Full Moon in Virgo are doing; this Moon is also called the "Worm Moon." A time to go inward, deep down into the Earth and check out how one rationalizes, think things through, collect facts and data, analyze the amount of energy to be expended and what one does with all of that in a public way.  The Full Moon in Virgo, the Virgin, is the sign that resonates with the earth element. The Virgin in the ancient temples was not necessarily chaste, but she was dedicated to the Old Ways, the Gods and especially the Goddess. Members of her community would come to the Temple with their supplications, so the Virgin would send up prayers for those that needed help. She knew how to serve her people and what prayers to use to make those energies work for the good of all. Tarot Cards that reflect the energies of Virgo. Virgo the Virgin is aligned with the planet Mercury so in some ways mirrors the sign Gem

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