A New Moon in Capricorn Message for Everyone! 1/13/21

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Quarterly Astrology Forecast (from Winter Solstice 2020 Until the Vernal Equinox 2021)

  Astrological Forecast from Dec 21, 2020 to Mar 21, 2021 By Aria Sparrowsong's Tarot and Stars The Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and the other holidays happening this time of year have a beautiful resonance--they all focus on bringing back the light and showing us how to connect with others. The Winter Solstice is the day of the First Quarter Moon in the sign of Aries -- perfect energy for get--togethers this particular week. Be willing to get rid of the conflicts and the ornery people, put all of that behind you in order to move forward with your tribe. Jupiter begins it's conjunction with Saturn on this day (more on this below). On Christmas Day Mercury is trine Uranus, so expect the unexpected--especially during conversations! A few days before the New Year, there is the Full Moon in Cancer, re-centering us from the crazy holidays to focus more on family, friends and loved ones. We are all welcoming the New Year of 2021 and some positive ways forward after the challen

A Full Moon in Cancer Message for Everyone! 12/29/20

See the video at the link below of my special Full Moon in Cancer reading and tell me what you think.  Leave me a comment below! tarotandstars #TAROTANDSTARS   #tarotwitch   #tarotintampa   #tampatarot   #fullmoonincancer #tampalocal   #tarotilluminati   #thepoweroftherunes   #gildedreverielenormand   #tarottribe   #tarotcommunity   #cardaday   #tarotreadersofinstagram   #tarotreadersofig   #fullmoonritual   #lenormandreadersofig   #lenormandreadersofinstagram   #lenormandcommunity   #lenormandtribe   #runereadersofig   #runereadersofinstagram   #runecommunity   #runetribe #lenormandintampa   #runesintampa   #tamparunes   #tampalenormand 🧙‍♀️🔮🃏⭐🌛❤🌞🎶🐦

Happy, HAPPY Solstice and a New UPDATE for anyone that follows my blog!

  First of all, hope everyone is having a wonderful couple of weeks with family, friends and loved ones! Whatever holiday you happen to celebrate, it truly is a beautiful and cosmic time of year.  I have so much to update you on... The Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is going into the sign of Aquarius and is happening right now in the sky and it is Winter Solstice/Yule evening...the energy I am feeling is that despite the uncertainties all around us, I think most of us are going to be alright.  (More to come on the Full Moon in Cancer a few days before New Year's...) We will be learning how to untangle ourselves from the old and useless ways of doing things and creating a world that is more functional and for the good of ALL. At the same time we will be teaching ourselves to be more adaptable. Get ready! I just sat in ritual several times over the course of 2 days and I am definitely feeling the pressure to be grateful despite this tumultuous and personally challenging year

New Moon in Sagittarius and a Solar Eclipse on December 14th--Getting Ready for the Grand Conjunction and the Age of Aquarius

As we head into the holiday season, we also get closer to the significant cosmic changes above us. The Dark or New Moon in Sagittarius will be peaking approximately 11:16 AM EST on Monday, November 14th, 2020 and joined by a total solar eclipse (visible only in the Southern Hemisphere). Time to think of the higher mind, the Ajna or Third Eye. It is also a time to focus on elevated thoughts and the lofty areas of advanced study. Perhaps going inward is appropriate for some deep soul searching. We can travel that way or even cosmically, but in reality, 2020 has been a horrible year for Sagittarius, the "traveler" of the Zodiac. Sagittarius is not so stoic and serious, however. Key words for them are "freedom" and "fun." And they will strive to do either, never completely married to what it is they ARE doing as they are always on the move to seek a better place or situation. So questions to ask ourselves if our Suns, Ascendants or Moons are not in Sagittarius

Full Moon in Gemini on November 30th, 2020--and a Lunar Eclipse for the Holly-Daze!

  As we enter into the Holiday Season, the Universe decides to beckon us to more spiritual realms with a Full Moon in Gemini and a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at the same time! You will be able to check this eclipse through a livestream linked HERE .  This will be the last penumbral  lunar eclipse  this year . Residents of North and South America, Australia and parts of Asia will be able to see about 82% of the Full Moon turn a shade darker during the maximum phase of this  eclipse .  More info HERE . So many other things are happening at the same time this month; a special Full Moon, the Winter Solstice and the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn called the Great Conjunction with it's very deep and connecting energy that will affect all of us one way or another--one will not be able to escape the power of these transiting planets. This conjunction happens only once a approximately every 20 years...and this time around it will unfold in the air sign of Aquarius. This will r


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