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A New Moon in Aquarius and a Message for Everyone! 2/11/21

 So here we are at another Dark Moon as the Wheel of the Year keeps turning. The Moon is in Aquarius and Mercury is retrograde until February the 20th. It would be great to set some goals and intentions during this phase of the Moon, but perhaps many people, like myself for example, have found that their thoughts and ability to concentrate might be a bit muddled at this time.  The peak time of the New Moon/Dark Moon was earlier this morning, close to sunrise. The only reason we can't see the Dark Moon at this time is because it is blocked from our vision by the light of the Sun. This is the case with every Dark Moon/New Moon phase. With a quick check of a handy dandy online ephemeris, the cosmic weather is as follows: in addition to the Moon in Aquarius, Saturn is also in Aquarius and Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in Aquarius, Mercury is heading backwards (retro) also in the sign of Aquarius, Mars and Uranus are both in the sign of earthy Taurus, Neptune is in watery Pisces, and f


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