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New Moon in Leo, Thurs 7/28/22--Welcoming Our Own Power, Lammas/Lughnassadh and the Lion's Gate

  OK, this time of year is fiery, an IDGAF attitude prevails along with tempers for many in addition to creativity. Fun and bliss rules and people's vibes are RED HOT just like sucking on a cinnamon fireball or using tabasco as a condiment on EVERYTHING! For fire signs, this is your time to shine and even though this New Moon was last week on the 28th of July, this energy is still happening as the Moon is waxing to it's fullness in the sign of Aquarius on August 11th. Just step into it and MANIFEST! Demand what you want and you will get it! The Earth and Water Goddess, the Incan " Pachamama " is celebrated in South America on August 1st, the same as the Celtic Lughnassadh aka Lammas by us witchy folks. Since the people of the Southern Hemisphere are in their cold winter months during this time, the manifesting magick surrounding this Goddess is nutrition, abundance and prosperity not unlike Mother Nature or Gaia; pictures of Her depict clear running water as tears cou


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