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New Moon in Gemini, 5/30/22--Time for a Celestial Reset!

 Check out my video on the New Moon in Gemini on TikTok or Instagram! or

Come and GET A READING at ROYAL SUZIE in TAMPA This Weekend (Memorial Day)!


Reading at Royal Suzie in Tampa Next Weekend! See You There!


Full Moon in Scorpio 5/15-16/22--the Flower Moon, Blood Red Moon, Mercury Retrograde and Lunar Eclipse!

We are going into some interesting energies this weekend, so hold on to your hats and get ready! Transits are affect all of us in different ways and dependent on where the planets are traveling through your astrological chart. Mercury Retrograde is in Gemini and the Full Moon is in Scorpio on Sunday night --the latter means spiritually working with the shadow side and going into some deep emotions. The  full moon in Scorpio  will  peak  at 12:13 a.m. ET on May 16 just after the lunar eclipse reaches totality at 11:28 p.m. ET on May 15. Get a comfy chair to lounge in for the outside on Sunday night, weather permitting so you can check out the Lunar Eclipse in real time. If you are not in a geographical area that can view this happening, there are many doing livestreams online. So will catch you all in the ethers. To get to the TikTok video I recorded the other day on all of these happenings in the sky, check out the link below!


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