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Happy Summer Solstice! Tuesday, June 21, 2022...

  Check out my cool TikTok video HERE !

Full Moon in Sagittarius Tuesday, June 14, 2022--a Time to Expand Your Mind!

    Such a big and beautiful supermoon! Can you see the green orb in the palm tree? My TikTok video of the Full Moon in Sagittarius is HERE . I planned on doing a ritual with a bonfire in my back yard. Great for fire energies. Not a fan of doing spiritual things online or livestreams of rituals per se. I ended up on TikTok right before 10PM and there was a young African American woman that decided to do a live session of healing Reiki...I laid down on the couch, set the phone down with just the low volume of her voice prompting me on how to enter spiritual realms--I was definitely feeling the vibe. And I simply floated away. With all of the crazy astrological aspects happening right now and more alarming ones to come in September, it is nice to have a little spot of peace in our crazy world. The coming aspects are alarming. In September we will have a total of 6 planets in retrograde. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto with Mercury joining in on September 10th. Taking center st

Are You in a SoulMate Relationship or is it a Twin Flame Connection? Find Out!


Intensive Tarot Class Taught in 3 Sessions in July 2022 in Brandon, Florida



For legal purposes, spiritual consultations and intuitive readings are for entertainment purposes only. Consultations are given in sacred space and with the utmost in privacy and confidentiality. Clients/querents must be over 18 years of age or have a parent or legal guardian present. If they are an emancipated minor, they must present their documentation. Readings and consultations are not meant to substitute or supersede counseling with a licensed mental, social or health care professional. Tarot and Stars is not responsible for any liability regarding consultations and readings as we do not direct the client/querent to specific actions but give them choices and possibilities.

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