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Diana's Bow Moon Phase in Aquarius for December 28, 2019--Getting Ready for the Brand New Decade!

Welcome to the new column for the Diana's Bow Moon Phase! You will be able to see this Moon if the sky is clear--in the western sky a few hours before sunset and it will remain there for a few hours after the Sun goes down. (These hours will shift a bit and the sky will be darker much earlier during the winter months.) The Moon will appear as a crescent with the open end facing left--so the right side of the moon will be illuminated. Sometimes one will also be able to see the dark portion or dark side of the moon, appearing almost shadow-like and depending on the light in the sky. This forecast is for everyone, not just Aquarius. It is also important to know where Aquarius is on your Astrological Chart and what House the planet Uranus is in. It will take introspection to determine how this phase is unique to YOU. On Friday this week, depending on if the western sky where you are is clear, the crescent moon will be visible before sunset and it will be to the l

New Moon in Capricorn on December 26th, 2019--the Ursids and a Solar Eclipse!

As this planet pauses to worship the Birth of the Sun King or Yule, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, this New Moon in Capricorn, will happen on December 26th, 2019 at 1013AM EST. This date is also called "Boxing Day" and is celebrated in Europe and many other places and considered a day of gift-giving. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn and this is a time of setting your intentions and ascending to new heights in the coming year. 20/20 is easily associated with "clear vision" and everyone is looking forward to the New Year and a brand new decade with a much brighter outlook. The planet Saturn brings us planning, setting our goals with the intention of perfect timing;  in our Solar System, always think of restrictions--but those that come with the hard lessons of learning how to overcome! These are the energies of the element of Earth which means--being grounded, knowing exactly what you want and figuring out ways make those dreams ha

Gifts and Gift Giving at Yule / Winter Solstice! Follow the #TarotBlogHop!

YOU HAVE REACHED THE LAST BLOG! PREVIOUS BLOG | MASTER LIST | BACK TO THE FIRST BLOG Gift giving, the birth of the Sun King, rebirth and bringing back the Light have always been Krampus the main topics at this time of year no matter what faith you follow. The Return of the Sun represented by the birth of the Sun King was all about survival and looking forward to growing and hunting food and benefiting from warmer weather. Christmas as we know it has it's beginnings in the ancient Pagan Rituals and Ceremonies of Yule and Winter Solstice. All traditions have to do with Gifts and Gifting--the three Wise Men come to mind. We need gifts--they are precious, give us a sense of accomplishment and reward, connect us to what we believe in (from a great benefactor), even if these gifts are not tangible. Rewarding ourselves is a huge self-esteem boost and receiving gifts from family, friends and loved ones can make us feel appreciated. The gifts can be lavish and lu

Full Moon in Gemini on 12/12/19! Going Deep with Communication.

We are at that time in our calendars and in the cosmos that give us the longest nights and the shortest days in the Northern Hemisphere! The Full Moon in Gemini is peaking on December 12th, 2019 at 0012AM EST. This date flows into the magickal portal of 12/12 as well--more info about that is linked below.  Moon in Gemini wants change quickly and wants to do things in a spontaneous way. Thinking and expressing feelings right now are paramount and so is sharing them with others. Feeling a real need to express one's self in a major way! There is a highlighted ability of being talkative and communication with others via speaking. Phone calls, web chats, or in person, people want to hear each other and create harmony at the same time. A bit of coldness can help one keep a cool head in delicate situations. If you are working with your shadow side during this Full Moon and the 12/12 Portal, dig deep! The Full Moon always illuminates those things we might not want others to see. Thi


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