Full Moon in Gemini on 12/12/19! Going Deep with Communication.

We are at that time in our calendars and in the cosmos that give us the longest nights and the shortest days in the Northern Hemisphere! The Full Moon in Gemini is peaking on December 12th, 2019 at 0012AM EST. This date flows into the magickal portal of 12/12 as well--more info about that is linked below. Moon in Gemini wants change quickly and wants to do things in a spontaneous way. Thinking and expressing feelings right now are paramount and so is sharing them with others. Feeling a real need to express one's self in a major way! There is a highlighted ability of being talkative and communication with others via speaking. Phone calls, web chats, or in person, people want to hear each other and create harmony at the same time. A bit of coldness can help one keep a cool head in delicate situations.

If you are working with your shadow side during this Full Moon and the 12/12 Portal, dig deep! The Full Moon always illuminates those things we might not want others to see. This could also be a good time to turn off the computer and devices and go solo with your own thoughts and feelings and work through those things that are stale and no longer serve you. A good way to clear space before the arrival of the New Year! Chiron, the Wounded Healer is also going direct, so you can read more about that HERE. To know how that affects you personally, you must know where Chiron is posited in your personal natal chart. 

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