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New Moon in Capricorn on Sunday, 01/02/22--A Time to Commit to Grounding With the Earth and Love for Humankind

***As we step into the New Year, I will be providing my forecasts with cards pulled from Oracles and Tarot Decks as general readings for the Collective. And as we roll into the "New Year, New ME!" vibe and energies, people generally feel less restricted and more open to new possibilities and a lifting of the blocks and limitations! We are leaving behind those closed in situations and looking forward to the wide open expansiveness of the future! YAY! Will it be easy? Perhaps for some depending on the aspects in their natal charts. For others this will be quite challenging. Get ready for some staggered giddy-ups and paths that deviate and go back and forth. With transiting Jupiter in Pisces and Mars in Sagittarius, we get super good energies to start the year off with. Since Venus is retrograde in Capricorn now, our personal relationships of all kinds become the center of attention--we have to find ways to sift through existing ones and make adjustments on just who needs to mat

Full Moon in Gemini--the "Cold Moon" and the Coming Winter Solstice--a Time of Light, Love, Peace and a Global Pause!

  So here we are putting a rest to 2021, finally! Another tough year for many people. With the Full Moon in Gemini on Saturday, December 18th at 11:35 PM EST and through the following several days afterwards until the Winter Solstice on Tuesday, December 21st, the whole world will enter into a momentary pause. With the constant wars and rumours of wars, a crazy media promoting fear among the masses, a pandemic and so many other global happenings, these energies can be morphed into an auspicious time of love, light and peace. It is simply up to us! With the duality of Gemini, embrace the other person and pay special attention to what they are saying and communicating. Check out your own inner dialogue, what is going on in your head? And what are you saying to the other person? It is important during this time that your messaging is super clear. Use very discriminating filters when speaking to someone or writing anything down. If it is not necessary, don't say it or document it.  For

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New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on Saturday, 12/04/21--Expansion, New Landscapes and Change!

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse is in Sagittarius and taking place on Saturday, December 4th, 2021 at 2:43 AM. On the west coast, this peak time will be happening during the last minutes of Friday, December 3rd. We here in North America will not see this Eclipse; it will only be visible in Antarctica. A release of the past is needed at this time--perfect energy for this. An assessment is apropos, what worked this year and what didn't?  This Moon is a call to be open to the upcoming changes. The light from the Sun amplifies and reflects the energies of the Moon in this fiery and mutable sign of Sagittarius, so one thing we can be certain of is cosmic CHANGE! Jupiter (think of MORE) is the ruling planet of Sagittarius and it is in the sign of Aquarius right now, so a global outlook is needed when dealing with others or your community. The big topics will be  truth and knowledge-seeking, long-distance travel, expansion of one's belief systems and faith.  Mercury is conjunct this Mo


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