New Moon in Capricorn on Sunday, 01/02/22--A Time to Commit to Grounding With the Earth and Love for Humankind

***As we step into the New Year, I will be providing my forecasts with cards pulled from Oracles and Tarot Decks as general readings for the Collective.

And as we roll into the "New Year, New ME!" vibe and energies, people generally feel less restricted and more open to new possibilities and a lifting of the blocks and limitations! We are leaving behind those closed in situations and looking forward to the wide open expansiveness of the future! YAY! Will it be easy? Perhaps for some depending on the aspects in their natal charts. For others this will be quite challenging. Get ready for some staggered giddy-ups and paths that deviate and go back and forth.

With transiting Jupiter in Pisces and Mars in Sagittarius, we get super good energies to start the year off with. Since Venus is retrograde in Capricorn now, our personal relationships of all kinds become the center of attention--we have to find ways to sift through existing ones and make adjustments on just who needs to matter in our lives. This New Moon will form a trine with Uranus along with the Sun. Uranus is the harbinger of the revolutionary change and freedom. 

With the upcoming Pluto Return on February 22, 2022 (Pluto returning to the same place it was  in on the US chart during the American Revolution), tells us that 2022 will be the year of transformative changes for our country and political leadership! No living human as experienced this transit since the last one happened 225 years ago. These changes may not be pretty or comfortable, so get ready. Watch the news and believe only a small portion of it! 

It is important to note that this date for the Pluto Return is significant as it is the number "2" appearing six times = 1 + 2 that results in "3." The Empress is 3 in the Tarot--Mother Nature matters! Expect the Environment to be a huge repeating story during this transit. The year 2022 adds up to "6," the Lovers--we will definitely need LOVE as we step into this year. Love for the Earth, our fellow humankind and a walking away from those structures that will do us harm and create new structures for the good of all.

Blessings and Happy New Year!

***Cards are from the Dream Vision Tarot. The Moon tells us deception will reign, illusion, nothing quite as it seems. Conflict with the 5 of Wands and a lack of empathy or many closing themselves off from feeling anything, covering up the heart chakra and not seeing what is coming from God/Goddess/Universe that will benefit them. Each of us will need to BE THE CHANGE we want to see.

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