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The New Supermoon in Virgo 8/30/19--Read More!

First, the technical stuff! The term ‘supermoon’ refers to a new or full moon which occurs on (or near) the point on the moon’s orbit closest to the earth (known as lunar perigee). It was coined by the astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979, when he observed that geo-physical stress seems to be enhanced within three days either side of their occurrence, causing earthquakes and other extreme weather phenomena. However, later research has refuted this claim, so there is some debate in that respect. There are usually between four and six supermoons a year. A full supermoon appears visibly bigger in the sky and can be a truly spectacular sight, especially in the northern hemisphere during Winter, when such moons are at their largest. Nolle established that the moon must be within 90% of perigee to be deemed a supermoon. However, this can designate ‘super’ status to a moon which is more than twenty degrees away from perigee: a very generous orb of astrological influence. In practice I

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius! How Will This Affect YOU?

Check out the whole story at the first how this Moon will affect each sign! More about the name of this moon (Sturgeon) and skywatching info at the second link.

SPECIAL: Simple Half Hour Analysis of Your Natal Chart for $50!

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Talk to Me! Reading Specials are Convenient on the WhatsApp Application!

Special prices for Tarot and Oracle Readings on WhatsApp through the first half of August 2019! You can use WhatsApp from the convenience of your computer or from your phone if you are on the run. Perfect for busy people or those of you on vacation / staycation or getting ready for the back to school craziness. Pay and get a reading right from your phone! Take advantage of these special prices as they won't last long.  Text me at 813.312.2292 to schedule your appointment or hit me up on my socials (linked on this site on the left hand side margin) or on WhatsApp under the profile name "Tarot and Stars." Prices good until August 18th, 2019. 15 mins for $25 30 mins for $45 45 mins for $55 60 mins for $75

TAROT BLOG HOP: What's In A Name? Some Tips and Tricks Using Names With the Tarot

Happy Lammas / Lughnassad! PREVIOUS BLOG | MASTER LIST | NEXT BLOG The  study of names  is called onomastics, a field which touches on linguistics, history, anthropology, psychology, sociology, philology, genealogy, ethnicity and much more. When people refer to the "meaning of a name," they are most likely referring to the  etymology , which is the original literal meaning. A name is important as it is one's identity. It is the essence of a person. A link to one's culture, family, ancestors and the part of the world they come from. Many times, it is the first thing we get to know about a person who has entered into our sphere of influence. Names are central in defining identity. What is the very first thing we ask our clients? "What's your name?" And if we are really good at what we do we don't forget their name and during the consultation we will use their name by addressing them or asking them questions a few times. This h


For legal purposes, spiritual consultations and intuitive readings are for entertainment purposes only. Consultations are given in sacred space and with the utmost in privacy and confidentiality. Clients/querents must be over 18 years of age or have a parent or legal guardian present. If they are an emancipated minor, they must present their documentation. Readings and consultations are not meant to substitute or supersede counseling with a licensed mental, social or health care professional. Tarot and Stars is not responsible for any liability regarding consultations and readings as we do not direct the client/querent to specific actions but give them choices and possibilities.

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