Happy Mabon/Fall Equinox 2020! A Seasonal Forecast...

 The equal time of equal dark and light. The second harvest. The time of the new wine, red and bold. I love this time of year, just as colorful as the springtime. The color wheels are different but stunning just the same. I hope your days this coming week are beautiful and wishing the best to all of you! Much more to come! And very happy that 2020 is almost over! 

The first half of 2020 has been a wild and crazy time so far and it doesn't matter what astrological sign anyone is, this has affected everyone on the planet. This year has been quite a cosmic shift and a brand new awakening for so many of us! And the crazy is not over yet. The fiery and war-like Mars will be retrograde in it's own sign of Aries from September 9th until November 13th. Expect to be challenged personally with your ability to keep the peace, stay calm and control of your temper. The news of the day will reflect the Martian themes of impulsiveness, war and conflict.  Mars squaring Saturn and Pluto will create a lot of power struggles and bad energy in general. Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio will happen October 13th and last until November 3rd, the US Election Day. Expect dark secrets to be revealed and agendas that are happening on the down-low to see the light of day! Snafus with communication, technology, mail, media, short term commuting and paperwork will create a lot of drama during this election cycle. And for the first time in four centuries, Jupiter and Saturn will be conjunct in the sign of Aquarius to usher in this Awakening that we have been talking and singing about for decades -- the Age of Aquarius. The conjunction of these two planets, Jupiter, the Great Benefactor and Saturn, the Great Restricter -- will be about harmonious humanitarian views and a global outlook will take center stage. The New Year of 2021 will bring us all together for a more hopeful future. 

Aries -- Control will need to be your mantra for several months especially with your temper. In spite of the crazy that is all around you, learn to de-stress with calming and coping techniques. Brisk walking or any kind of work-out will help and if you can't do that, yogic breathing when you feel anger and rage coming on. Keep busy and challenge yourself with hobbies or creative pursuits. 

Taurus -- Beauty is what you live for so create that in your space. This is a perfect time to adorn your home or living area with flowers, herbs and growing vegetables growing inside and out. For those of you in harsh winter climates, bring those pots in and grow food under lamps. Surround yourself with all forms of art and display it around you. Breathe peace and beauty when you speak to others.

Gemini -- Communication will be your focus--this is already something you excel in--but crafting those perfect responses either verbally or in writing will be what you find yourself doing more of. During the Mercury Retrograde clean out those papers from your closets and desks and delete the computer files that you don't need anymore. Remember what your mother said--if it is not nice, don't say it!

Cancer -- Creating harmony, love and family wherever you happen to be and whatever the circumstances are! People look to you when they want to be mothered and healed from painful emotions. Getting by water is valuable for you to destress, so plan an escape during the Full Moon near the beach, lakeside or by the river--even a pool resort will do. Work with those Lunar energies for peaceful solutions.

Leo -- Sometimes you can't be in charge, so step back and let others do it for a while to avoid conflicts during this cosmically fiery time! There are other ways you can be in charge, so explore those or be content to remain in the background for the next several months. In the meantime, do those things that make you feel blissful. Being in the Sun is the best medicine for you right now.

Virgo -- Lots of ideas are swirling around you that you don't want to share with others--YET! So perhaps it is a business plan or a few ideas on how to make money. Get your ideas in writing and explore your options, review statistics, different markets and possibilities. You need Earth Energy, plant some herbs and learn their lore and reinforce the use of plant medicine for routine ailments.

Libra -- Partnership is important to a Libra but be prepared for arguments and disagreements with the crazy aspects going on. Do your best to remain neutral and let your business partner, mate, co-workers, children, rant and rave and blow off steam before interjecting your comments. People who remain calm have control of the situation. And the peaceful vibe spreads all around at the same time.

Scorpio -- Transformation is your middle name and this is definitely a time of changes for you, some good and others traumatizing but they morph and change you forever. Keep calm, cool and collected in the middle of turmoil and plan those trips to the water to heal your soul. Now is the time for inner shadow work and not an auspicious time for you to be a social butterfly. Learn to spread love unconditionally.

Sagittarius -- These fiery situations and expansive happy go lucky Sag do not get along well. Sag people want to move at warp speed, learn from every experience, not adhere to rules and shake everyone's hands as they glide by. Not so fast! This year can be for solo travel, spending time with loved ones and leaving the huge changes for next year to get auspicious end results. Learn to slow down!

Capricorn -- You want to be structured, but you just can't be during these crazy energies and that is OK. Take some healing breaths and don't be so hard on yourself. Get your house in order, do some home improvement projects, organize or get rid of things you don't need. Working in a garden will help to ground you during these times. Don't be too concerned about timing and don't give yourself deadlines.

Aquarius -- This is a time of the Awakening and changes in our social structures, transformative viewpoints and a profound global outlook. What you have envisioned will be unfolding soon. It will come to you as frequencies and waves of energy. Technology might not work consistently for you over the next couple of months--so don't depend on it. Ideas in a notebook, coffee and conversation will work better. 

Pisces -- You have already had visions of the world you want to see and dreams of how to get there. These fiery aspects will have you wanting to retreat into a place of solitude and for you, simple is more at this time. Doing energy work, meditation, reading, cooking, gardening and keeping life simple is best. Get to the water for healing and recharging your spiritual batteries. The world needs your prayers!

***Astrological Forecast was originally published in the second issue of Rock at Night Magazine.


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