Review of the White Rabbit Oracle Decks (Original & II)

White Rabbit Title Cards and Backs
I just received these decks from the seller, Arianna Siegel and her store on the Etsy website. They arrived on time with a note from the seller and packaged in white tuck-boxes with two handouts of keywords and meanings for each card in each deck. These handouts are also accessible through the seller's personal website. Love the fact that only keywords and initial impressions are used. Nothing complicated so using these cards is an exercise of the reader's own intuitiveness.

I have to say I love both of these decks. The impressions and "feel" of the decks is a bit Gothic, a bit Victorian with some whimsy thrown in! The artwork is collage and stunning! The backs are just as beautiful as the cards. The original White Rabbit Oracle uses a Victorian design of deep greens with pink roses and the White Rabbit II has a damask leaf design in various shades of green. The backs are not mirror imaged. Yes, I do believe that you can use reversals with these Oracle decks. Mixing the cards into one deck, I thought that the back designs of both decks complement each other very well!
White Rabbit Oracle (Original)

The first deck consists of 60 cards (including the title card) and the second is 50 cards (including the title card). The cards are packaged in alphabetical order making it easy to look up the meanings/keywords on the handouts. 

After playing with the decks mixed together for a few hours, a regular client called me for a consultation. So I had a perfect opportunity to use these decks shuffled together for an hour long reading. They were spot on with every question that she had and cleared up some paths she needed to take! I am convinced that these decks can be used on their own or to enhance a Tarot or Lenormand spread with some additional underlying impressions, to provide more clarity or confirm connections.

White Rabbit Oracle II
There is also a White Rabbit Lenormand deck that I have just purchased today. I was skeptical about using Etsy, I have been on the site for just about a month now. Previous to signing up I had heard good and bad about it but I like the site so far. It is a social network all by itself. I think using this site for the purchase of gifts and personal items is great way to support other artisans while striving to stay far away from the cheap shit made in China...we can certainly create a lot of change by really thinking about where we decide to spend our money. 

***Interesting note...with the two cover cards removed and both decks shuffled together, the entire deck is comprised of 108 cards. The same number of beads in a mala necklace. Not sure why I made that connection, but there it is! Order and enjoy! You won't be sorry!

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