The Hidden Occult History of Moldavite

Moldavite is one of my favorite stones and I have been using it for magick or wearing jewelry with these stones for many years now. I can tell you firsthand that this stone does not come from just Czechoslovakia but many other places on our planet. Wherever a huge meteorite has hit, one has a chance of finding these stones...not created with any compound or mineral here on Earth, Moldavite comes from somewhere else, another planet or celestial body. The term for this is "tektite" and there are many different kinds of these. Moldavite has a distinctive leafy green color and almost looks like bottle glass. Buyer beware, there are many knock offs out there if you choose to buy some of these stones. Check your sources carefully. Not sure how I missed this very cool article, but it is worth checking out, lots of information here. This is the known history, but I have another history about this stone...maybe I will write about it someday. Enjoy reading this! 
By Aria/Anita.

Story by Mat Auryn

About 14.8 million years ago, a large meteorite crashed in what is known today as the Czech Republic (note by Anita/Aria: Central European areas also known as Bohemia, Moravia, and Slovakia). The impact was estimated to be 6 trillion megatons, which is stronger than all the atomic bombs currently on earth combined. Believe it or not, this is strong enough to vaporize rock, and that is what is theorized to have happened. The collision caused the meteorite and the terrestrial rock to evaporate into a gas which in turn rained down in liquid form and cooling, condensing and solidifying on its way down as it hit the crater. This newly formed glass is what we call Moldavite today. This is why it is believed that many pieces of Moldavite are aerodynamic in shape, because they literally fell from the sky. Though it is technically a tektite glass, I will be referring to it as a stone for simplicity’s sake in this article.
Moldavite is a very popular stone among witches, mystics and healers. It is considered a high vibrational stone, so much in fact that the term “Moldavite Flush” was coined for the experience of the energetic warmth that tends to flood many people when holding it. The stone today is believed to enhance psychic and healing abilities, give access to the Akashic Records, accelerate the personal evolution of the light body, induces astral projection and shamanic journeying and open one up to higher levels of compassion. Moldavite is believed to stimulate all the chakras, with particular focus on the heart chakra. Just as Moldavite is the union of heaven and earth, so is the heart chakra the union of higher and lower chakras. However, it has a rich history in occult lore that many are unaware of.

LINK to the rest of the story HERE!

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