Summer Solstice 2019: Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? #tarotbloghop

Midnight Sun Time Lapse at Lofoten Islands, Norway
Timing is always tricky when doing a spread for a client. I have always relied on my intuition for this just like with other elements of the reading. The timing of a specific event is usually a secondary question the client has and most of us probably pull out additional cards for clarification and set those to the side of the spread we are doing after the question is raised.
This is how symbology can be used to our advantage. The topic of timing is a huge and never ending study for tarot aficionados. Tarot decks are being created continually with new art, colors, symbols, court cards, suit representations to give us hints and clues. In our standard Rider Waite or Smith Waite--based decks, symbology is determined by the clues we have within the images on the cards; the numbers, the flowers, trees, the sky, including clouds, rain, animals, birds, angels, darkness, light, various colors and the elements themselves that are represented by pentacles, swords, wands and cups.
What do you really SEE in the card or cards? Budding wands? Clouds? The Fall season? The Sun? Dark or light backgrounds of yellow, blue, gray? Flowers, grapes, animals and their specific animal medicine? Colors? Astrological symbols and meanings? What might all of that indicate?
The suits also indicate seasons and for Pagans, the four directions. In most traditions it goes like this: East for Air and Spring, South for Fire and Summer, West for Water and Fall and North for Earth and Winter. You can always lay out a card that will determine the season and then another card that can indicate days, weeks or months within that season.
Major Arcana cards might reveal specific timing by the symbols on them or even might tell us that the specific time in question is unknowable! Or that destiny can change or go multiple ways depending on the actions of the person getting the reading. This leads to the age old question: is there such a thing as predestination? Or not?
Practice makes perfect and work on this by doing free readings for friends using timing questions to see if there are patterns with the cards you are pulling. Developing your own system of timing is as unique as each reader is--and the possibilities can be endless.
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Happy Summer Solstice!
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