This is the Cadillac of the Rider-Waite or Waite-Colman Decks...the Radiant Wise Spirit Tarot Deck!

Superbly packaged in a sturdy box, these are standard Tarot sized cards, border-less, shiny card-stock and easy to shuffle. Not antiqued but with that old school look and design and the use of the original woodcut drawings by Pamela Colman Smith. 

The colors are different, more bold and the backgrounds utilize stunning shades and tints making for more three dimensional art. From what I understand, the art used for the original Rider Waite backs; a beautiful design of red roses and white lilies is what was used for this deck. 

This is now one of my go-to decks that I will always reach for when doing professional readings because they are so beautiful. The book is in several languages and includes upright and reverse meanings--more in depth than with a tiny white booklet. 

Simply put to collectors; this is one deck that will be a stand out in your collection. I always recommend that my Tarot students start with a Rider Waite or Waite-Colman-Smith deck--so this can also be a student's first deck. Highly recommend!


The first published review of this deck on the Amazon website--CLICK HERE!

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