REVIEW: Mildred Payne's Secret Pocket Oracle by Patrick Valenza/Deviant Moon

Mildred Payne's Secret Pocket Oracle in French--Second Edition

Well, I gotta say, I love this little deck! It truly is pocket sized and can fit in the palm of your hand! Throw in your purse or take when you travel, it really takes up hardly any space. Patrick Valenza, the creator and artist of the Deviant Moon Tarot also created this tiny deck.

I bought the original First Edition when it was initially published and the original did not have as many cards. There was an expansion pack that came out later to take the deck from the original count to the 69 cards--where it is numbered now. There is another expansion pack that I have seen on the website but not explored yet. Also on the first edition, the backs had unusually drawn designs that could be fit together to make into a really cool puzzle.

Both editions came nicely packaged with extra cards, the cards were in a standard tuck-box and included a small red pouch to carry them in. The First Edition had the meanings of the cards on a beige hand out with information on the legend of Mildred Payne and the story surrounding this deck. The Second Edition does not have this--but does direct one to a page on the website with the card meanings that is in PDF form and available to print out.

This Second Edition does not have the puzzle on the backs but has a black damask type of design in tan/beige with an eye at the center (it kind of reminds me of the black on white design on the backs of the Maybe Lenormand deck that also had an eye at the center), and the colors of the images are in tones of beige, tan, a muted red and lots of black and white. Many owners of these decks blacken the sides of the cards.

I have done readings with this deck and often use it alone or to clarify spreads with the Tarot or Lenormand--I find that the deck has been quite accurate. The other night, before an early morning appointment for a medical procedure, I asked the deck to show me in a two card spread what I needed to be aware of most in the morning. The cards of "Blood" and "Time" came up; my two biggest concerns were the time of the appointments and the lab draw--so that totally made sense!

Patrick Valenza is creating other decks that also follow along with the legend of Mildred Payne and these are advertised on his website, along with the Deviant Moon Tarot and other newer Tarot and Oracle decks. One of the newest is Mildred Payne's Oracle of Black Enchantment. I highly recommend Patrick's decks and respect his art and I understand that these decks might not be for everyone. Yes, a bit dark--but hauntingly beautiful!

Mildred Payne's Secret Pocket Oracle in French--Second Edition


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