New Moon in Libra for 2019! What surprises are in store for YOU?

Well, here we are again and the months are flying by and getting us closer to 2020 and what that will bring for all of us! I have collected a few articles about this New Moon that I thought were informative and that you can glean personal information from. This month's New Moon is conjunct Mars so be aware of mysterious undercurrents that can end up being explosive and that you will need to deal with. All the while using tact and diplomacy as that is the equal and weighed out energy of Libra. Always think that when dealing with the sign of Libra--it notes what is FAIR for all. 

There will be a surprise with my next post and the initiation of a regular column on this site that will give you the energies surrounding the setting of intentions and initiating action on those. Stay tuned for so much more!

Here are those links on our New Moon in Libra today and have fun surfing! (Note: I select these blog posts and articles randomly--I may not agree with EVERYTHING they say...)


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