New Moon in Scorpio on October 27th, 2019--In the Spirit of the Samhain Season!

This New Moon in Scorpio will be a great time to start new things: projects, personal goals, perhaps gaining the courage to start a conversation with that new amour! Scorpio is about sex, death, transformation and other people's monies. Sometimes pleasurable things, other times--NOT! The Moon will be opposite the transiting planet of Uranus, which brings sudden and unexpected changes, perhaps in the realm of relationships (this phase could TEST them), money or perhaps some shadowy elements from your own "dark side," so be prepared for revamping your plans or have a "Plan B" way ahead of time. Mercury Retrograde is also coming up and has been in "the shadow" since the 11th of October. These are perfect energies to get your Ancestor Altar ready for a Samhain ritual! This New Moon will be at it's peak position at 11:38 PM EST on October 27th, 2019. So get ready!

As always every month, this is a collection of randomly selected articles about this New Moon that you can quickly read through and share with others. 


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