Full Moon in Taurus on 11/12/19! Ready for Some Beauty, Comfort and Self-Nurturing?

So much is going on in the skies right now! The Full Moon in Taurus is happening on the morning of November 12th, 2019 and will peak at 834 AM ET. Expect to want connects to creature comforts and beauty at this time. Romance and love will be great for most of us! We also have the Mercury Retrograde happening until November 21st (and still in the shadow for a week or so longer). 

Uranus' time in retrograde is August 12th, 2019, through January 10th, 2020. The planet will be in in the sign of Taurus until April 2026. Depending on what this transiting planet hits in your own natal chart is how it will affect you personally. Think of high tech snafus, meeting weird and eccentric people that you are instantly attracted to, revolutionary ideas and unexpected happenings. Sudden changes that can be quite volatile at times. Go with the flow--it just could be exciting!

The Taurid Meteor Shower is going to peak on the night of November 11th to the morning of November 12th. You may want to look up if you're out after dark. The meteor shower can bring more than a dozen fireballs per hour, each taking on a unique yellow, orangish or red color. Nice sky-watching while snuggling up with loved ones outside with a cup of hot chocolate...

The 5 best articles about the Full Moon in Taurus are linked below...have fun surfing!

Image by American Meteorological Society


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