Full Moon in Cancer on 1/10/20! The "Feeling" Moon and Dealing With Emotions.

Cancer is the sign associated with the Mother and Cancer is located at the southernmost (bottom) of the astrological chart signifying the subconscious--those dark sides that one does not want to reveal to others--this is the dark time of year, after all! Don't ever underestimate the very feminine and watery sign of Cancer--Cancer Sun Sign people are not slouches--some of our most powerful environmental activists are born under this sign! Everyone knows someone saving Mother Earth--our home and working as a Water Protector! Cancer is one of the four cardinal signs and it's energies initiate and take action! 

Remember that these mothers are FIERCE! Especially when protecting what is theirs. This upcoming Full Moon in Cancer will peak on Friday, January 10th at 2:21PM EST and this timing will be very significant for doing magick and/or rituals concerning emotions, kids and the homefront. In a personal natal chart, these are Fourth House energies that are associated with the inner sanctum and those people or situations that one nurtures. And don't forget love...Cancer is ruled by the Moon.

The Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn conjunction are very powerful right now and traveling along in the sky with both of these planets is the asteroid (dwarf planet) Ceres, again--another benevolent and nurturing cosmic Mother. How will all of this affect YOU? Find out which house in your natal chart is ruled by Cancer, what personal planets you have in that sign and the house where your natal Moon resides.

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