New Moon in Libra on October 16th, 2020--Cosmic Crazy for a Little While Longer!

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Well, life took over this month and this is why my regular post about the New Moon got waylaid by one day. This is probably the most balanced time that you and I will feel during this season of drastic changes, retrogrades and crazy cosmic happenings! Most of the crazy will continue until the end of this year and looking forward to 2021 seems like the most hopeful thing we can do right now!


  • We have Mercury retrograde in Scorpio until November 3rd, Election Day here in the US.
  • Mars is Retrograde in it's own sign of Aries and this will last until November 13th.
  • Neptune has been retrograde since last June, right now it is in the sign of Pisces and will go direct again on November 28th.
  • Uranus has been retrograde since last August and will go direct again on January 14th, 2021--it is in the sign of Taurus.
  • Chiron, the Asteroid is retrograde in the sign of Aries until December 15th.
  • Eris, the Asteroid of the Divine Feminine, Chaos, Strife and Discord is retrograde in the sign of Aries until January 11th, 2021. Most think that Lilith is the heavenly body that represents the Feminist Movement. I say it is Lilith and Eris together.
  • Read more about Eris. CLICK HERE. And even more! CLICK HERE.
***Special note: be especially careful and mindful while operating machinery, driving, and expect the unexpected.

If you are learning Astrology, the most important thing is to learn the glyphs and how to read an ephemeris. And to find out what houses in your Natal Chart are affected by the transiting planets listed above. Here is a link to this month's ephemeris. CLICK HERE.

The influence of the New Moon in Libra will last a few more days until the Diana's Bow Moon Phase, a perfect time to set intentions. This is a great time to work your magick for your most important partnerships, your lover or mate, your kids, your work relationships, friends, family and other loved ones. Focus on a balance for all things and for the good of all.

The best links for this month's New Moon, read, research and be sure to share!


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