Dark Moon in Scorpio Thursday, 11/4/21--What Work Do You Need to Do With Your Shadow Side?

Art by Josephine Wall

This is sometimes the Dark Moon that many of us are afraid of as it also coincides with the Sun in Scorpio. The Sun sheds it's revealing light on everything, the Moon is about our emotional and inner selves and "going into the deep." Scorpio and it's ruling planet, Pluto (yes, Pluto is still a planet) has always gotten a bad rap and is known as the bad-ass of the Zodiac. It is all about death, destruction, renewal, rebirth and new life--all necessary states of being. This means we have to deal with those things that we keep secret, the wild part of ourselves that we don't want others to see. Scorpio is water and all about emotional balance but with a hot, desert-like kind of steam--and what creates steam? Fire and Water! Scorpions desire water and will search for it, but they also want to thrive in warm spaces and seek those out as well. 

Here are some personal questions to ask. 
What are those things we don't need anymore that tie into our emotional health? 
How can we use transformative energies in the best and most edifying ways? 

 Have you seen what is happening on the Earth right now? In La Palma, the Canary Islands there is a huge volcano that has wrecked havoc on the islands for over a month and a half; in addition it is creating regular earthquakes every day and throughout the night. This destruction COULD kick off more volcanic and earthquake activity around the globe. The word from many is that it will cause a tsunami that destroys the east coast of the US. Whether this is true or not, time will tell! 

What we DO know is that Earth/Gaia is in the process of shaking us off like we are fleas. SHE has had enough! With the evil of our so called leaders and the Plan*emic, the *axx, the extraction industries, destruction of the planet and the selling and/or killing off of all life and knowingly torturing and poisoning humans and non-humans in all different and horrific ways and more; it is easier for people to not believe. 

There are no more political solutions.
It doesn't matter who you vote for. 
Our "leaders" never worked for us anyway.
Get ready to transform. 
Love everyone and show them that you do.
Opportunities to destruct and transform are happening now!
Remember that love is always the answer.

***The next two weeks of this Dark Moon will prove to be very interesting as the energies from this day forward will be waxing and growing to the culmination of the next Full Moon in Taurus and the Lunar Eclipse on November 19, 2021.


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