Full Moon in Virgo on Friday, 3/18/2022--Grounding, Centering and Using Logic to Make Future Plans


Grounding, organizing and centering seems to be what those paying attention to this Full Moon in Virgo are doing; this Moon is also called the "Worm Moon." A time to go inward, deep down into the Earth and check out how one rationalizes, think things through, collect facts and data, analyze the amount of energy to be expended and what one does with all of that in a public way. 

The Full Moon in Virgo, the Virgin, is the sign that resonates with the earth element. The Virgin in the ancient temples was not necessarily chaste, but she was dedicated to the Old Ways, the Gods and especially the Goddess. Members of her community would come to the Temple with their supplications, so the Virgin would send up prayers for those that needed help. She knew how to serve her people and what prayers to use to make those energies work for the good of all.

Tarot Cards that reflect the energies of Virgo.

Virgo the Virgin is aligned with the planet Mercury so in some ways mirrors the sign Gemini, but instead of the outward dual manifestations of this planet, Virgo is a singular energy with Her thoughts, plans, how to execute them, how to create more with what She has and a key word for all of this is growth. Virgo is also not about procrastination but focuses on DOING!

How to make use of this Moon in a personal way? Start by "earthing" and grounding then by DOING-- make plans, planting them for the future, formulate how to execute them and then organize and then set in motion. The coming Spring/Vernal Equinox is a perfect time to use these energies.

***And we can't forget--Happy St. Patrick's Day!

"Double Peach Hibiscus" by Anita Stewart of NatureFantasies.com.
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