New Moon in Taurus, Black Moon and a Partial Solar Eclipse on 4/30/22, Beltaine and the Upcoming Mother's Day


"Peach Coloured Roses"
Photo by Anita Stewart and "Nature Fantasies."
No use without written permission.

This weekend is a special time with the New Moon in Taurus, a Black New Moon (the second New Moon in a calendar month), a partial Solar Eclipse, the Wheel of the Year's Fire Festival of Beltaine or Beltane. This festival is one of stability, security, prosperity, abundance and a time to click those heels together and get witchy around the sacred fires! We need ALL of those things!

Beltaine happens about halfway between the Spring or Vernal Equinox and Summer Solstice or Litha. The flowers are in bloom showing us that everything is fertile and ready to reproduce. It represents the mating of the God and Goddess, procreation, abundance, fertility and prosperity of both humans, animals and the newly planted fields. The people of old worked magick and energy for the coming growing season as it had everything to do with the food supplies for the dark time of the year and the coming winter. The Beltaine fires and the Festivals were significant in representing the growing power of the Sun and the days becoming longer. Somehow over the years May Day and the International Worker's Day also became incorporated into the date of May 1st.

Astrological energies during this New Moon in Taurus consist of anything you are growing; anything  tangible in your life, your monies, your energies that you put into your work, banking, investments and let's not forget art, beauty and pleasure--Venus is Taurus's ruling planet. Be cautious about how you spend, so have a strategic plan worked out. Spend time in those energies and with people that align to those. Release the thoughts of possessing material things that you don't need. Make a list of what you DO need that you can slowly work on. Taurus does nothing in a hurry, that sign's energies are best used in lingering and methodical ways.
The cards I pulled just now resonate with this special weekend's energies. A 10 of Cups indicating love, procreation, fertility, good feelings, 2 of Cups for healing relationships coming together, the Empress, fertility, abundance and pregnancy, nature, a huge harvest and the 4 of Wands, the double portal of celebrations, stability and security. Make these days count and make them beautiful! 

***As a special nod to a special day next weekend, Mother's Day I wanted to say that the day originally honoured our mothers and their vocal resistance to war and their promotion of peace. Check out this LINK for more information.


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