Review of the White Rabbit Lenormand Deck

Title Card

Love this little deck! Small and poker sized, perfect for doing a Grand Tableau spread using all of the cards! 

I am super fond of the orange to red color and design of the back and the rabbit and roses motif throughout the images on the deck. 

The images have the same type of vintage collage artwork that is used in the White Rabbit Oracle decks. I did a review of those last week that you can read HERE
Back, Title Card and Stars, Birds 
and Lilies Are Shown

This deck has male/female CHILD cards and an extra MAN and WOMAN card, so 39 cards in all. If anyone is hesitating on buying this, don't! Get it! 

Comes in a small plastic case so perfect for throwing in your pocket or purse and not getting the cards messed up or dog-eared. Highly recommend.

You can find the White Rabbit Oracle store on Etsy by going HERE. The website is HERE.

***Click on the images to make them larger.

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