Diana's Bow Moon Phase in Capricorn for November 29-30, 2019--High Vibing for Holiday Gatherings!

Welcome to the new column for the Diana's Bow Moon Phase!

You will be able to see this Moon if the sky is clear--in the western sky a few hours before sunset and it will remain there for a few hours after the Sun goes down. (These hours will shift a bit and the sky will be darker much earlier during the winter months.) The Moon will appear as a crescent with the open end facing left--so the right side of the moon will be illuminated. Sometimes one will also be able to see the dark portion or dark side of the moon, appearing almost shadow-like and depending on the light in the sky.

This forecast is for everyone, not just Capricorn. It is also important to know where Capricorn is on your Astrological Chart. It will take introspection to determine how this phase is unique to YOU.

Venus is following right along and is traveling in Sagittarius from November 1st through the 25th. Then it goes right along with the Moon into the sign of Capricorn from November 25 until December 20th . This is all about love. Examine your love relationships and know where your Natal Venus and Moon are to help you navigate these energies and use them in personal and  beneficial ways.

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The Moon will go from the New Moon (Dark Moon) in the fire sign of Sagittarius on Thursday, November 28th, 2019 at 5:50 AM EST to a void of course Moon and then enter the earth sign of Capricorn at 7:33 AM EST on the same date--Thanksgiving Day. While the Moon is in Capricorn will be the Diana's Bow Moon Phase. This aspect will last until November 29th, 2019 at 10:57 PM EST when the Moon goes void of course again. 

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Capricorn is driven, a bit hard at times, stoic, ambitious and all about work and doing it right. Capricorns harmonize well with other earth signs, Virgo and Taurus. Success and organization is important to Capricorn. Saturn is the ruling planet of this sign, also called the Great Restricter--so people with a Capricorn influence in their chart can find themselves kept from achieving their goals--or their perfect work will be revealed--depends on which House and the personal planets placed there. On a chart, Saturn is the ruler of the 10th House--the house of jobs, careers, what one is married or committed to and associated with authority or father figure.

Determined and practical are other ways to describe the Capricorn qualities. Earth binds them to a certain degree and they can sometimes be pessimistic--but more often analyzing situations and looking at all possibilities. Realists, there is nothing dreamy about anyone with a prominently placed Saturn or personal planets in Capricorn. Another thing about those Capricorn energies, these qualities can make the young into wise old souls and the old become young. In other words, time shifts. Father Time (the God, Janus) is associated with Capricorn.

INTENTION SETTING: Even though this is a holiday where one might want to take time to spend with family, one might want to set aside an hour or so to work magick and set goals for the coming year regarding one's work, career, money and what is needed to accomplish this. A time to organize, make some lists of priorities to set goals. Find out what House in your personal Astrological Chart is ruled by Capricorn and where your natal Saturn is--these placements are what these energies will affect. And if you don't know all that yet, still take the time to use these energies!

So set your intentions, claim your power, aim and let your arrow fly!

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December 29th, 2019

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