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Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3rd, 2020--Lots of Fiery Energy Right Now!

So the wheel turns yet again and our year is over half completed now. The Full Moon in Aquarius will arrive close to High Noon on Monday, August 3rd. Aquarius is the sign of your world view, high tech everything, concern for humanity and humankind. And Lughnasadh is our First Harvest, welcoming the corn, the wheat, the eventual ending of Summer and happy times.
The Sun will be squared the planet of Uranus so be looking for some unexpected happenings and be prepared for sudden and abrupt changes. The energy on this day will be electrical and it is the beginning of the Lion's Gate / Stargate that will last until August 13th. You can check out the video with more information about that HERE by Magenta Pixie. 
The Full Moon will be squared Uranus, Mercury will be opposite Saturn, soooo, expect some restrictions that could drive you crazy depending on where your Mars, Uranus and Saturn are placed in your Natal chart. Mars is also squared Jupiter and Jupiter is sextile Neptune. Dreams wil…

Lughnasadh/Lammas and the Upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius on Aug 3rd, 2020

Art by Josephine Wall
(This is a repost from my original post last year, just slightly edited.)
 Lammas / Lughnassad is the only Sabbat that does not have a major Christian holy day or celebration attached to it. It is still a sacred time--as summer winds to a close it is the beginning of preparations for the Dark Time of the year. The Celtic Sun God, Lugh rules this special time as does John Barleycorn, who puts all of his energy in the crops and lays down to die beckoning the coming Fall season. It is thought that in times past, many fairs and festivals were happening during this part of the Wheel of the Year and of course, the First Harvest was the highlight of the Summer. The harvesting of the barley, wheat and corn kept egalitarian people busy and in the fields. Celebrating the fruits of their labor with copious amounts of beer and bread (and the shaping of the bread into the Lady and the Lord) was customary. Wheels of wood or straw wreaths, decorated with flowers and ribbons were …

New Moon in Cancer on July 20th, 2020--Mars in Aries, Chiron Rx Playing Around, Too!

Right now, there is so much going on in the world it is hard to keep up. This second Cancer New Moon will hearken us back to solitude, stillness, working with our own energies in solitary ways, doing deep shadow work and processing what we need to do to heal ourselves and others. 
Chiron in our charts signifies the Wounded Healer.  Do you know where Chiron is placed in your own natal chart?  Having this knowledge will tell you where you need healing in your own personal life.
Mars, Lilith and Chiron are all in the sign of Aries right now and Chiron is retrograde. For those with prominently emphasized placements of these planets, look for explosions of emotions and temper, snafus in relationships and unexpected events. Just know that with these Aries tendencies, none of this is permanent and grudges that result from your anger will slip away. 
Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are retrograde in the sign of Cancer. Everything seems to be paused and in waiting or "being held up" mode.…

Full Moon in Capricorn and a Lunar Eclipse!

Get more info at the following link: Fourth Of July's Lunar Eclipse Will Bring Peak Drama


Happy #Litha, #SummerSolstice! The longest day and the shortest night. A pic of the #MidnightSun, flower wreaths and a #Sami #Saami Shaman's Drum with the #Sun symbol in the center! #TarotandStars #TampaTarot #TarotinTampa

The Star Tarot. Beautiful deck, superb art and love the book! But spelling errors...

I love this deck and it is quite improved from the first edition. Better paper, no borders so the art pops, gilded edges and an improved box that stays closed. Also love the real, in-depth book. My only disappointments were the lack of proof reading the book as there are misspelled words throughout and the glaring misspelling of the title on the Emperor card. (It is spelled EMPORER on the card.) However, the card title is spelled correctly in the book. I still love this deck and plan on keeping it. I also did a flip through of the cards on my Facebook page (@tarotandstars). I hope the publisher considers sending everyone who purchased the deck a correctly spelled Emperor card. Damn, Red Feather, I need a job and I would be happy to be your quality control or proof reader person! Just let me know!

Happy Full Moon and Eclipse--Links!




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New Moon in Pisces on February 23rd, 2020--Mercury Retrograde and Lots of Feels!

The New Moon in Pisces happens on Sunday, February 23rd, 2020 at 10:33 AM EST. This New Moon is the beginning of new things and this particular Moon is glorified and exalted in this sign. The planet of Neptune that is the planet for the sign of Pisces also rules over the Twelfth House on the Zodiac wheel--your House of the dream world, the unconscious, those deep, dark and under the surface parts of yourself. This planet represents watery and expressed emotions, dreams, visions and secrets. The glyph for the Pisces represents the two fishes that are going with the flow and this is a mutable water sign. 

What is going on with your visions right now--are you ready to go inward and explore the darkest depths of yourself? Everything Pisces is associated with intuition, empathy, emotions, compassion, the feels. It is no surprise that many Pisces are attracted to the esoteric, the Occult and mysteries of any kind. This is the energy that you will FEEL right now! 
Right now Mercury is in retro…

Valentine’s Day Grew from Pagan Roots with Christian Changes

Holiday History By John Copeland Just in case it slipped your mind, Feb. 14 is Valentine’s Day. It is a very popular holiday! According to U.S. florists, 110 million roses, most of them red, will be given to sweethearts across America on Valentine’s Day. We will also exchange about 1 billion, yep, that is a billion with a B, Valentine’s Day cards. Americans will also buy more than 58 million pounds of chocolate, and a lot of that will come boxed in 35 million heart-shaped boxes. Have you ever wondered how the middle of February became associated with love and romance? Eight hundred years before the founding of Valentine’s Day, ancient Romans celebrated the raucous festival of Lupercalia in honor of the Roman gods of fertility, Lupercus and Faunus, on the Ides of February, which was February 15th.

One of Lupercalia’s really popular traditions was the “Love Lottery.” On the eve of Lupercalia, all marriage-aged girls would write their names on a slip of parchment and toss it into a big u…

Full Moon in Leo on 2/9/20! Hot Energies to Keep Us Warm Until Spring

Leo is the sign associated with the fun, rhymes with the Sun, being the center of attention and fiery temperaments. And just like cats, independent, fierce and cuddly, but the latter only when they want to be. In my experience with Leos...a brother and a niece that are both Leo, there are quiet ones that give off a latent and quiet power and then there are others that are the life of the party! On a natal chart the Fifth House ruled by Leo is at the 5PM position and close to the sunset...amazing how these Leos look so stunning in these same colors. It is no surprise that some of these exuberant type of Leos are the best and most world renowned entertainers and stars--they command those celebrity energies! Leo is one of the four fixed signs and it's energies flesh things out in a very focused way! 
Leos will always find a way to have fun or turn a situation around to make it so! This upcoming Full Moon in Leo will peak on Sunday morning on February 9th at 2:33 AM ET and this timin…

Happy Imbolc 2020


Harm None, But Take No Sh*t by Mat Auryn ( read this: a really good article! )

By Mat Auryn Recently I had the honor of appearing on Madame Pamita’s “Live Magic Q&A.” Madame Pamita is one of my favorite humans ever and I had no idea what kind of questions were going to be asked, so it went into some really interesting topics. One of the topics discussed was magick related to cursing and hexing. My views on this topic are not as clear cut as that of a lot of other people. Being pro-curse is trendy these days, to the point where it should probably concern any serious magickal practitioner. I think this is in response to decades of having the “three-fold law” and shallow interpretations of “harm none” shoved down our throats. The topic of cursing is something that I think needs a more balanced consideration. The following are some of my thoughts on the topic. How you choose to incorporate or disregard these perspectives is up to you. You do you, Witch. What particularly concerns me the eagerness that some are ready to curse others over trivial matters. For exa…

Diana's Bow Moon Phase in Pisces for January 27th, 2020--Going Inward and Flowing With It!

Welcome to the new column for the Diana's Bow Moon Phase!
You will be able to see this Moon if the sky is clear--in the western sky a few hours before sunset and it will remain there for a few hours after the Sun goes down. (These hours will shift a bit and the sky will be darker much earlier during the winter months.) The Moon will appear as a crescent with the open end facing left--so the right side of the moon will be illuminated. Sometimes one will also be able to see the dark portion or dark side of the moon, appearing almost shadow-like and depending on the light in the sky.
This forecast is for everyone, not just Pisces. It is also important to know where Pisces is on your Astrological Chart and what House the Moon and the planet Neptune are in. It will take introspection to determine how this phase is unique to YOU.
This weekend, be sure to check out the southern skies to see the constellation of Orion and use it to direct your vision to the brightest star in the sky, Siriu…

New Moon in Aquarius on January 24th, 2020--Creating Cosmic Community on a Global Scale!

The New Moon in Aquarius happens on Friday, January 24th, 2020 at 4:42 PM EST (1642 HRS). This New Moon is the beginning of new things, community on a global scale, YOUR community, your friends, your peers and how you communicate with them. The planet of Uranus that is the planet for the sign of Aquarius also rules over the Eleventh House on the Zodiac wheel--your House of Friends and being social. This planet represents high tech, communications that take seconds, the screens on your phones for a good example. Even the glyph for the planet looks like a radio antenna and the symbol for the sign of Aquarius could be waves of water, but then again, it could be radio or sound waves. 
Aquarius is symbolized by the Water Bearer and many think that this is a water sign, however, this sign is fixed and ruled by the element of Air. What is going on with your visions right now--are you ready to plant some seeds for the future? Everything Aquarius is associated with forward thinking, innovative …

Full Moon in Cancer on 1/10/20! The "Feeling" Moon and Dealing With Emotions.

Cancer is the sign associated with the Mother and Cancer is located at the southernmost (bottom) of the astrological chart signifying the subconscious--those dark sides that one does not want to reveal to others--this is the dark time of year, after all! Don't ever underestimate the very feminine and watery sign of Cancer--Cancer Sun Sign people are not slouches--some of our most powerful environmental activists are born under this sign! Everyone knows someone saving Mother Earth--our home and working as a Water Protector! Cancer is one of the four cardinal signs and it's energies initiate and take action! 
Remember that these mothers are FIERCE! Especially when protecting what is theirs. This upcoming Full Moon in Cancer will peak on Friday, January 10th at 2:21PM EST and this timing will be very significant for doing magick and/or rituals concerning emotions, kids and the homefront. In a personal natal chart, these are Fourth House energies that are associated with the inne…

Star Gazing Events for 2020! Mark Your Calendars!



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