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A Full Moon in Cancer Message for Everyone! 12/29/20

See the video at the link below of my special Full Moon in Cancer reading and tell me what you think.  Leave me a comment below! tarotandstars #TAROTANDSTARS   #tarotwitch   #tarotintampa   #tampatarot   #fullmoonincancer #tampalocal   #tarotilluminati   #thepoweroftherunes   #gildedreverielenormand   #tarottribe   #tarotcommunity   #cardaday   #tarotreadersofinstagram   #tarotreadersofig   #fullmoonritual   #lenormandreadersofig   #lenormandreadersofinstagram   #lenormandcommunity   #lenormandtribe   #runereadersofig   #runereadersofinstagram   #runecommunity   #runetribe #lenormandintampa   #runesintampa   #tamparunes   #tampalenormand 🧙‍♀️🔮🃏⭐🌛❤🌞🎶🐦

Happy, HAPPY Solstice and a New UPDATE for anyone that follows my blog!

  First of all, hope everyone is having a wonderful couple of weeks with family, friends and loved ones! Whatever holiday you happen to celebrate, it truly is a beautiful and cosmic time of year.  I have so much to update you on... The Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is going into the sign of Aquarius and is happening right now in the sky and it is Winter Solstice/Yule evening...the energy I am feeling is that despite the uncertainties all around us, I think most of us are going to be alright.  (More to come on the Full Moon in Cancer a few days before New Year's...) We will be learning how to untangle ourselves from the old and useless ways of doing things and creating a world that is more functional and for the good of ALL. At the same time we will be teaching ourselves to be more adaptable. Get ready! I just sat in ritual several times over the course of 2 days and I am definitely feeling the pressure to be grateful despite this tumultuous and personally challenging year

New Moon in Sagittarius and a Solar Eclipse on December 14th--Getting Ready for the Grand Conjunction and the Age of Aquarius

As we head into the holiday season, we also get closer to the significant cosmic changes above us. The Dark or New Moon in Sagittarius will be peaking approximately 11:16 AM EST on Monday, November 14th, 2020 and joined by a total solar eclipse (visible only in the Southern Hemisphere). Time to think of the higher mind, the Ajna or Third Eye. It is also a time to focus on elevated thoughts and the lofty areas of advanced study. Perhaps going inward is appropriate for some deep soul searching. We can travel that way or even cosmically, but in reality, 2020 has been a horrible year for Sagittarius, the "traveler" of the Zodiac. Sagittarius is not so stoic and serious, however. Key words for them are "freedom" and "fun." And they will strive to do either, never completely married to what it is they ARE doing as they are always on the move to seek a better place or situation. So questions to ask ourselves if our Suns, Ascendants or Moons are not in Sagittarius

Full Moon in Gemini on November 30th, 2020--and a Lunar Eclipse for the Holly-Daze!

  As we enter into the Holiday Season, the Universe decides to beckon us to more spiritual realms with a Full Moon in Gemini and a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at the same time! You will be able to check this eclipse through a livestream linked HERE .  This will be the last penumbral  lunar eclipse  this year . Residents of North and South America, Australia and parts of Asia will be able to see about 82% of the Full Moon turn a shade darker during the maximum phase of this  eclipse .  More info HERE . So many other things are happening at the same time this month; a special Full Moon, the Winter Solstice and the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn called the Great Conjunction with it's very deep and connecting energy that will affect all of us one way or another--one will not be able to escape the power of these transiting planets. This conjunction happens only once a approximately every 20 years...and this time around it will unfold in the air sign of Aquarius. This will r

New Moon in Scorpio on November 14th and 15th, 2020--Briefly Going to the Dark Side!

 The New Moon will be in it's dark phase a few minutes after midnight on November 14th, 15th--depending on where you are, Saturday/Sunday morning at EST (Eastern Standard Time).  You can convert to your local time at the following link: This is a tough time, a lot of deep feels and Scorpio is a water sign, so this Dark Moon is dealing with our deep dark side and the emotions that we normally don't share. This is a period where we can do the tough work on healing our individual pains, hurts and wounds as they seem to resurface at this time of year and we can then move to transform them. It is important to note that what is personal to you, keep it personal. Think--SECRETS and the word sacred! This is a time of meditation, prayer, body work (like yoga for example) and energy work that should last until November 30th and the next Full Moon. Friday the 13th is happening today (some say lucky and some say not)! Jupiter is conjunc

Full Moon in Taurus on October 31st, 2020--A Blue Moon Just in Time for Samhain/Halloween!

 As the world hangs in the balance and our planet's population waits with baited breath, to see who will be elected the U.S. President, we of spiritual pursuits are stepping back to celebrate our most favorite holiday, Samhain, Celtic New Year, Day of the Dead or whatever you would like to call it. This is a time of honouring our ancestors. Nothing could be more important than looking back on our history and wisdom from the elders and making sure we are not doomed by repeating mistakes from the past and from the history books. This Samhain is especially powerful as we will have a Full Moon, indeed, a Blue Moon, (the second Full Moon in a calendar month), to beckon us to higher realms during our rituals and meditations. A Full Moon doesn't really go along with the celebration of Samhain--even though it is depicted this way in photos, art, some traditions, etc., the last crescent phase would be the correct one that coincides with this date on the cosmic calendar. (A Dark Moon wou

New Moon in Libra on October 16th, 2020--Cosmic Crazy for a Little While Longer!

Artist Unknown Well, life took over this month and this is why my regular post about the New Moon got waylaid by one day. This is probably the most balanced time that you and I will feel during this season of drastic changes, retrogrades and crazy cosmic happenings! Most of the crazy will continue until the end of this year and looking forward to 2021 seems like the most hopeful thing we can do right now! RETROGRADES We have Mercury retrograde in Scorpio until November 3rd, Election Day here in the US. Mars is Retrograde in it's own sign of Aries and this will last until November 13th. Neptune has been retrograde since last June, right now it is in the sign of Pisces and will go direct again on November 28th. Uranus has been retrograde since last August and will go direct again on January 14th, 2021--it is in the sign of Taurus. Chiron, the Asteroid is retrograde in the sign of Aries until December 15th. Eris, the Asteroid of the Divine Feminine, Chaos, Strife and Discord is retrog

Full Moon in Aries on October 1st, 2020--Even Though This is a Full Moon, It is Time for Releasing!

The Full Moon in Aries peaks on October 1st at 1706 hrs EDT. This is also the Harvest Moon, the Full Moon that is closest to the Fall Equinox or Mabon that took place a little over a week ago. Now we are really stepping into the Fall season with cooler nights, sultry days and here in Florida, a desire to be outside as the humidity is now at normal levels. This Full Moon has a lot of transiting stuff happening around it at the same time right now. So these are not the normal Aries energies we are playing with. For one thing, Mars is retrograde in it's own sign of Aries. See my previous quarterly forecast right HERE to analyze the present and upcoming transits in more depth.  For the next month, what will work in the best way for most is assertiveness (not aggressiveness), knowing how to be strategic when interacting with others and knowing our own power. Conflicts, temper tantrums and bad energies will generally not end well for anyone. Learn how to count to ten and take deep, clea

Happy Mabon/Fall Equinox 2020! A Seasonal Forecast...

 The equal time of equal dark and light. The second harvest. The time of the new wine, red and bold. I love this time of year, just as colorful as the springtime. The color wheels are different but stunning just the same. I hope your days this coming week are beautiful and wishing the best to all of you! Much more to come! And very happy that 2020 is almost over!  The first half of 2020 has been a wild and crazy time so far and it doesn't matter what astrological sign anyone is, this has affected everyone on the planet. This year has been quite a cosmic shift and a brand new awakening for so many of us! And the crazy is not over yet. The fiery and war-like Mars will be retrograde in it's own sign of Aries from September 9th until November 13th. Expect to be challenged personally with your ability to keep the peace, stay calm and control of your temper. The news of the day will reflect the Martian themes of impulsiveness, war and conflict.  Mars squaring Saturn and Pluto will cr

New Moon in Virgo on September 17th, 2020--Service to Others, Preparing for the Dark Time

  So what have you left undone? What needs to get done now? Projects put on the back burners need to be brought up to the front and need to be carried through to completion. No more procrastinating! Time to finish these tasks and tie up any loose ends. And be sure to ground! Mars went retrograde on September 9th and will stay there until November. Work with your past so you can properly apply strategies for your future. The New Moon will peak in the sign of Virgo on Wednesday, September 17th at 7AM EST. Magickal work will be auspicious when done right before that time or the night before.  We are preparing for Mabon/Fall Equinox in under a week, the day of equal light and dark and then plunging headlong into the last part of the Harvest season and the Dark Time.  Mabon/Fall Equinox will be next Tuesday, September 22nd. This day usually includes a sumptuous feast with the red new wine. Decorate your altars with cornucopias of fresh fruit, corn, wheat, bread and berries. I am totally con

Full Moon in Pisces on September 1st & 2nd, 2020--Ready to FEEL those feels?

Credit: Behance This week's Corn Moon is also the Full Moon in Pisces--get ready to capture your inner feelings and harness your intuition. This is the last Full Moon before we mark the start of the dark time of the year at Mabon later this month. This is the finish of the First Harvest that began at Lughnasadh / Lammas at the beginning of August. This is also the coming together of Earth and planting the season's food to prepare for winter and the Watery nature of the sign of Pisces...two intertwined elements in more ways than one. Always think of enhancing and nourishing GROWTH. The Full Moon peaks on September 2nd, 2020 at 1:23AM EST (adjust for your timezone HERE ). Your magickal work should be done before this time for auspicious results as the Moon will still be waxing. Being by water for this Full Moon will be a special plus! A little bit of wine to promote deep sleep and vivid dreaming will be beneficial. One of the coolest things to do at this time of year is to create

New Moon in Leo on August 18th, 2020--Also Called the Black Moon--a Time for Manifesting!

 This is the only Black Moon in 2020...for those of you that do not know what that is, the Black Moon is the third New Moon in a season or the second New Moon in one month. This Full Moon is in Leo and with all of the cosmic stuff that is happening up there in celestial realms, this harbinger of the upcoming Fall season is an auspicious time and wonderful for manifesting energies... What do we DESIRE? Now is the time to ask for it and then go out and get it! Do your magick and ask for what you want clearly and directly. Manifesting or magick is simply moving energy at will! Right now, Mars is in a trine with the South Node in Sagittarius and Mercury in Leo. The rest of this year will be even more challenging than the first take this little highlight of the summer and use it to your best advantage. Get all of this out of your system now as Mars will go retrograde in it's own sign next the crazy is not over quite yet! Get ready! Some cool articles...check 'em

Lion's Gate 2020--Clear Vision and Infinity!

 A Lion's Gate Forum...check it out: A Lion's Gate Meditation:

Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3rd, 2020--Lots of Fiery Energy Right Now!

So the wheel turns yet again and our year is over half completed now. The Full Moon in Aquarius will arrive close to High Noon on Monday, August 3rd. Aquarius is the sign of your world view, high tech everything, concern for humanity and humankind. And Lughnasadh is our First Harvest, welcoming the corn, the wheat, the eventual ending of Summer and happy times. The Sun will be squared the planet of Uranus so be looking for some unexpected happenings and be prepared for sudden and abrupt changes. The energy on this day will be electrical and it is the beginning of the Lion's Gate / Stargate that will last until August 13th. You can check out the video with more information about that HERE  by Magenta Pixie.  The Full Moon will be squared Uranus, Mercury will be opposite Saturn, soooo, expect some restrictions that could drive you crazy depending on where your Mars, Uranus and Saturn are placed in your Natal chart. Mars is also squared Jupiter and Jupiter is sextile Neptune. Dreams w

Lughnasadh/Lammas and the Upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius on Aug 3rd, 2020

Art by Josephine Wall (This is a repost from my original post last year, just slightly edited.)  Lammas / Lughnassad is the only Sabbat that does not have a major Christian holy day or celebration attached to it. It is still a sacred time--as summer winds to a close it is the beginning of preparations for the Dark Time of the year. The Celtic Sun God, Lugh rules this special time as does John Barleycorn, who puts all of his energy in the crops and lays down to die beckoning the coming Fall season. It is thought that in times past, many fairs and festivals were happening during this part of the Wheel of the Year and of course, the First Harvest was the highlight of the Summer. The harvesting of the barley, wheat and corn kept egalitarian people busy and in the fields. Celebrating the fruits of their labor with copious amounts of beer and bread (and the shaping of the bread into the Lady and the Lord) was customary. Wheels of wood or straw wreaths, decorated with flowers and ribbons were

New Moon in Cancer on July 20th, 2020--Mars in Aries, Chiron Rx Playing Around, Too!

Right now, there is so much going on in the world it is hard to keep up. This second Cancer New Moon will hearken us back to solitude, stillness, working with our own energies in solitary ways, doing deep shadow work and processing what we need to do to heal ourselves and others.  Chiron in our charts signifies the Wounded Healer.  Do you know where Chiron is placed in your own natal chart?  Having this knowledge will tell you where you need healing in your own personal life. Mars, Lilith and Chiron are all in the sign of Aries right now and Chiron is retrograde. For those with prominently emphasized placements of these planets, look for explosions of emotions and temper, snafus in relationships and unexpected events. Just know that with these Aries tendencies, none of this is permanent and grudges that result from your anger will slip away.  Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are retrograde in the sign of Cancer. Everything seems to be paused and in waiting or "bei

Full Moon in Capricorn and a Lunar Eclipse!

Get more info at the following link: Fourth Of July's Lunar Eclipse Will Bring Peak Drama


Happy #Litha, #SummerSolstice! The longest day and the shortest night. A pic of the #MidnightSun, flower wreaths and a #Sami #Saami Shaman's Drum with the #Sun symbol in the center! #TarotandStars #TampaTarot #TarotinTampa


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