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Full Moon in Virgo and a Message for Everyone! 3/1/21

  I chose not to write anything significant or do a livestream on Instagram this time celebration of the Full Moon. This one was a deeply healing one and left me cracked open like an eggshell and very vulnerable as I worked a bit with some inner issues that are deeply personal. This healing will continue to resurface and good to remember that I am simply a work in progress. I am also remembering to ground as I go through my day, every day. Sending blessings to you all...hope your Full Moon observance was just as potent as mine.

A New Moon in Aquarius and a Message for Everyone! 2/11/21

 So here we are at another Dark Moon as the Wheel of the Year keeps turning. The Moon is in Aquarius and Mercury is retrograde until February the 20th. It would be great to set some goals and intentions during this phase of the Moon, but perhaps many people, like myself for example, have found that their thoughts and ability to concentrate might be a bit muddled at this time.  The peak time of the New Moon/Dark Moon was earlier this morning, close to sunrise. The only reason we can't see the Dark Moon at this time is because it is blocked from our vision by the light of the Sun. This is the case with every Dark Moon/New Moon phase. With a quick check of a handy dandy online ephemeris, the cosmic weather is as follows: in addition to the Moon in Aquarius, Saturn is also in Aquarius and Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in Aquarius, Mercury is heading backwards (retro) also in the sign of Aquarius, Mars and Uranus are both in the sign of earthy Taurus, Neptune is in watery Pisces, and f

Full Moon in Leo and a Message for Everyone! 1/28/21

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A New Moon in Capricorn Message for Everyone! 1/13/21

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Quarterly Astrology Forecast (from Winter Solstice 2020 Until the Vernal Equinox 2021)

  Astrological Forecast from Dec 21, 2020 to Mar 21, 2021 By Aria Sparrowsong's Tarot and Stars The Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and the other holidays happening this time of year have a beautiful resonance--they all focus on bringing back the light and showing us how to connect with others. The Winter Solstice is the day of the First Quarter Moon in the sign of Aries -- perfect energy for get--togethers this particular week. Be willing to get rid of the conflicts and the ornery people, put all of that behind you in order to move forward with your tribe. Jupiter begins it's conjunction with Saturn on this day (more on this below). On Christmas Day Mercury is trine Uranus, so expect the unexpected--especially during conversations! A few days before the New Year, there is the Full Moon in Cancer, re-centering us from the crazy holidays to focus more on family, friends and loved ones. We are all welcoming the New Year of 2021 and some positive ways forward after the challen


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