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New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on Saturday, 12/04/21--Expansion, New Landscapes and Change!

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse is in Sagittarius and taking place on Saturday, December 4th, 2021 at 2:43 AM. On the west coast, this peak time will be happening during the last minutes of Friday, December 3rd. We here in North America will not see this Eclipse; it will only be visible in Antarctica. A release of the past is needed at this time--perfect energy for this. An assessment is apropos, what worked this year and what didn't?  This Moon is a call to be open to the upcoming changes. The light from the Sun amplifies and reflects the energies of the Moon in this fiery and mutable sign of Sagittarius, so one thing we can be certain of is cosmic CHANGE! Jupiter (think of MORE) is the ruling planet of Sagittarius and it is in the sign of Aquarius right now, so a global outlook is needed when dealing with others or your community. The big topics will be  truth and knowledge-seeking, long-distance travel, expansion of one's belief systems and faith.  Mercury is conjunct this Mo

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on Friday, 11/19/21--Go Down Deep to Find Your Comfort Zone

This will be an intense Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse experience--and this is the Full Beaver Moon. Get ready, Taureans and Scorpios, fixed signs--and this will affect you two the most! Tightly wound? Stressed on life? Need to cut loose? This might be the perfect time to do this! Within reason, of course! The Full Moon will peak in the early morning hours for most of us here in the US and the Lunar Eclipse will take place during that time-frame, too. Here on the East Coast, we will be able to see it if we get up early and if there is no cloud cover--at 3:57 AM to be exact. Look to your local media to find out exact times for viewing where you are. NPR says: " NASA  predicts  the eclipse will last over 3 hours and 28 minutes. That would make it the longest partial lunar eclipse in 580 years, according to the  Holcomb Observatory  at Butler University. " So how can we look at this from the spiritual? Approach this Moon with a sense of wonder and acknowledgement that this power is way

Dark Moon in Scorpio Thursday, 11/4/21--What Work Do You Need to Do With Your Shadow Side?

Art by Josephine Wall This is sometimes the Dark Moon that many of us are afraid of as it also coincides with the Sun in Scorpio. The Sun sheds it's revealing light on everything, the Moon is about our emotional and inner selves and "going into the deep." Scorpio and it's ruling planet, Pluto (yes, Pluto is still a planet) has always gotten a bad rap and is known as the bad-ass of the Zodiac. It is all about death, destruction, renewal, rebirth and new life--all necessary states of being. This means we have to deal with those things that we keep secret, the wild part of ourselves that we don't want others to see. Scorpio is water and all about emotional balance but with a hot, desert-like kind of steam--and what creates steam? Fire and Water! Scorpions desire water and will search for it, but they also want to thrive in warm spaces and seek those out as well.  Here are some personal questions to ask.  What are those things we don't need anymore that tie into o

Full Moon in Aries Wednesday, 10/20/21--How Do You Control Your Rage and Anger?

  So, these were such strange days for me, I could not even write about them until now. For those of you that know me, my Sun is in Aries. The Moon in Aries can be questionable and very emotional, almost never auspicious. And I have a weird placement in my 3rd House, my Sun and Mercury conjunct in 14 and 15 degrees of Aries. Eris is close to there somewhere...maybe transiting 10 degrees past that configuration. How can I explain it? I have been full of rage. Especially over what is happening in the world but also on a very profound and personal level and I found it difficult to communicate. As of this writing, Mercury is just coming out of retrograde but we are still in it's shadow for another week or so.  Irritations and agitations regarding what others say about the Full Moon in relation to releasing--this drives me batshit crazy. The Full Moon is for asking, manifesting and making things happen. Releasing is for the Dark Moon Magick and in some respects when the Moon is waning.

Monthly Moon Lodges--What Are They?

THE BLOOD LODGE - Excerpt from " Songs of Bleeding " by Spider In ancient times, the women's Bleeding Lodge was a structure set apart from the rest of the community where women would go to dream and communicate with the Ancestors when they were bleeding. Since life follows the cycles of the Earth and the Moon, activities of our Ancient Ancestors also closely followed the cycles of the Earth and Moon. The women all cycled together, ovulating at the full Moon and bleeding at the new Moon. When women started to bleed, they left their homes and families to go to the sacred introspective space of the Bleeding Lodge. The Lodge was honored and respected by the entire community, for the dreams and visions of the bleeding women brought vital survival information such as planting and healing knowledge and guidance on community relations. When there were questions that needed to be answered, the women would go to the Lodge and ask the Ancestors. All questions were always answered by

New Moon in Libra Wednesday, 10/6/21--How are Your Relationships With Others and With Yourself?

Collage by Janeva Zentz.    So how are your relationships? Are you giving, not receiving much back? Are you striving to keep your relationships real, engaging, rewarding? Do you think others are reciprocating? Do you feel that you are giving too much? Maybe it is time to sit back and analyze your interactions with others and be honest with yourself. Put pen to paper and write what you are feeling down. What is the key thing in your relationships with family, friends and lovers is BALANCE. Adding Mercury Retrograde in Libra at this same time makes communications between your people awkward, chaotic and sometimes totally misunderstood. We have five other planets retrograde right now but heave a sigh of relief as this will be the last New Moon with all of these backward spinning heavenly bodies. ( Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter). When Mercury goes direct on October 18th, the very next day it will square the Moon. It could cause some rough and rocky arguments, explosive emotio

Mercury Retrograde in Libra from September 27th to October 18th.


Fall Equinox or Mabon Happens on September 22, 2021!

I gotta say that this is one of my happiest times of the year--I am so over the heat and way ready for cooler temperatures, more temperate days. The other season is Spring at the Vernal or Spring Equinox--the end of March or beginning of April. These two days of the year are when the day and the night are equal; there is the balance of light and dark. Right now, as the days progress through the latter part of September, they will get shorter and shorter. This is the Second Harvest and the Feast of the New Wine. It is time to be grateful for our prosperity and abundance and to give thanks for it. Truly it is a Witch's Thanksgiving! Count your blessings and if you have extra, give to those in need. Prepare for the dark times, the winter is coming, indeed, it is right around the corner. The Goddesses that come to mind to represent this time of year are Persephone, Lakshmi, Fortuna, the Morrighan, Isis, Ishtar, Ceridwen. Invoke them in your prayers, meditations and spellwork.

Full Moon in Pisces 9/20/21--What is Below the Surface? Explore Your Feelings and Dreams!

 Explore your feelings and tap into the depths of what is just below the surface in your deepest dark self. This is a time to pay attention to your dreams, your very personal connection to the Divine and what you need to explore to keep the concepts of what you believe in fluid, changeable, mutable and accept those elements in your life. Tap into the mystical. Get near water or plant something. Water nourishes Earth. Know that you are loved!


Availability is limited and calendar spots fill up quickly! Prices are negotiable depending on whether your guests are paying for readings separately, if you are paying for all of the readings or if you want to pay one flat fee for a specific amount of hours.  Contact me with any questions you have so we can book and finalize your special date! All parties are priced at a $200 minimum. (If I travel more than 25 miles one way, there will be a time and travel/gas fee.) Be sure to check out my socials on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter .

New Moon in Virgo 9/7/21--Time to Scrutinize What You are Doing and Readjust!

  So this is a time for grounding, re-centering, evaluating what you are doing regarding the way you work, your career and the funding you are taking in. Nothing could be more true with my life on a personal level. I will be going over various personal strategies in my life that ended up not working for me. And the work and goals that I had previously set aside in my life have been pulled out, dusted off and resumed full speed ahead. We have a few weeks before Mercury goes retrograde on the 27th in the sign of Libra. So much more to come. Getting excited about classes and especially the Goddess Class starting in November. More on that--check out the featured post for the details.

Goddess Studies for the New Earth! Sign Up NOW!

Goddess Studies for the New Earth These studies will begin on November 4th, 2021. Participants must have a copy of the book " Ariadne's Thread, a Workbook of Goddess Magic"  by  Shekhinah Mountainwater . (This book and the others listed below can be ordered through  Abe Books  at discount rates!) We will be adding readings from other books as we go.  We have started the book list below. The full Year and a Day is mandatory to complete the course.  We require that you be dedicated and committed to coming and participating in all of the dates,  totaling 13 New Moons. Work and presentations will be required during our Circles and many topics will be covered.  Please bring a notebook or journal to each class (duration for each about 2 hours). These Circles will not be online, we will be meeting in person somewhere in Tampa. (Outside if the weather permits or a location to be determined and announced before each sesson begins.) Our Circles, the locations, times and the names o

New Moon in Cancer, Sun in Cancer--Time to be Mother and Mothered!

  Be good to yourselves this weekend. Don't be afraid to feel those emotions.

UPDATE: So we are almost through June and all the Moon events...

...and the best way to find me is on Instagram . It has been harder and harder for me to update this blog and website lately. I am working at Royal Suzie on Sundays and other days throughout the week and also doing live sessions on Instagram when I can. And commitments at home have kept me busy. This last Mercury Retrograde was not so bad.  I will be posting my quarterly forecast (reprinted from Rock at Night 's print edition of the magazine) in my next post. I hope you all are enjoying your summer and waiting for the wheel to turn once again for Lammas/Lughnassad, the first harvest celebrating wheat, bread and beer! What could be better? I am also reminded of the Wicker Man movie (vintage) and Burning Man, the huge festival in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Here are some links to my most recent posts on Instagram so check them out... Summer Solstice and my favorite Sun cards: The latest Full Moon in Capricorn:

Just an update 5/26/21...Full Moon in Sagittarius, Eclipse Season and Mercury Retrograde--Expect the Unexpected!

  THE FULL MOON IS TONIGHT! Yes, this is a time to expect the unexpected with the cosmic forces up there having their way with all of our confusion. A Full Moon in Sagittarius is a huge deal, taking us from the higher mind and advanced learning to what we can learn from above, opening the crown chakra along with the Third Eye and taking all this new knowledge in. This is also eclipse season, so be checking out those energies, too. Jupiter is the planet that rules Sagittarius, these energies morph into MORE no matter how you slice it. More blessings, more knowledge, more magick! Expansive means going outside of the box you are in and trying something new and edifying for the soul. Even though Sagittarius is a happy go lucky and gregarious personality, it is still a fire sign, so initiation, envisioning and taking action is what you need to do. Set your intentions. What is your role in this New Earth? What do you excel in? What do you love doing? Teacher, student, healer, playing music,

A New Moon in Aries and a Message for Everyone! 4/11/21

#NewMoon in #Aries ! From Pamela, a circle sister of mine...I added a few comments in that are starred... Interesting stuff = several sites talk about ARES (or Eris) - the sister of Mars, Goddess of Chaos and disruption squaring Pluto til 10/21 causing a radical shift of the ages and bringing in a new level of activism and awakening of social justice. Lots of energy for fighting for justice and equality. I'm going to spend some time in ritual meditating on universal healing for equality - maybe come up with some sort of spell to work toward that over the next 6 months. ***I am looking at that aspect of Eris with Pluto...should be a critical aspect for a prominently placed Mars or anyone that is Aries Sun, Rising or will affect each of those in a different way. In conjunction, Uranus is in Taurus until 2026. Uranus brings new things, Taurus is Earth energy...New Earth, so I want to put focus on creating a new Earth by ritual and by making my personal choices as Earth frie

Astrology Classes Starting April 12th, 2021--Every Monday Night at 7PM for 7 Weeks ONLINE/VIRTUAL

  Email, Call or text me for more information.  813.312.2292 Tarot and Stars will now be offering Tarot, Astrology, Runes and Lenormand readings and offering classes at Royal Suzie Design   in South #SeminoleHeights on Florida Avenue. The first class there will be this coming Monday 4/12 at 7PM--Astrology taught in 7 Sessions! #youarenotjustyoursunsign . The class syllabus, dates and prepay options can be found here: . When you prepay, let me know if you are taking the class online or at the store. Spaces at the store are limited. The class will be offered at the store and online at the same time. $25 per session, take all of them or as many sessions as you like as these classes will be repeated later. Please have a copy of your chart and a notebook. If you don't know how to get a free chart, let me know. If you have any questions or need more info, call or text me at 813.312.2292. See you there! #tarotandstars #astrologyintampa #tar

Full Moon in Libra and a Message for Everyone! 3/27/21

How about some balance with life in general? Love and Compassion does that. Partnerships and Collaborations figure in to include love and romance. What do we need more of? Understanding? Healthy relationships? Greater amounts of beauty in our lives? It is a time to ask for more...the Goddess will give--She is generous! Make peace with the past, consider it as a part of your life experience, even the bad parts...and reminisce on those parts that made a difference through love--even when it was not returned--that is true compassion.

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A New Moon in Pisces and a Message for Everyone! 3/13/21

 As we go into this New Moon, it is the time for Secrets...the Moon is exalted in the sign of Pisces and there is lots of interplay between the Sun and Moon energies as they are in the sky right next to each other after all. So this is the perfect time for magick and getting down deep into our own emotions, to align with the darkest parts of ourselves; our innermost natures, dreams, visions, those things that are unspoken that we don't discuss with anyone. If you have your natal chart, give it a good look and find out where your natal Moon is and the transiting one and what house the sign of Pisces is in and that will give you a clue as to what this New Moon will bring to you or what issues you will be dealing with.  The Sun and Neptune conjunct went into Pisces on March 10th and five days later, Mercury goes into Pisces as well. Be especially careful with how you are communicating at this time. If you imbibe and alter your clear thinking in any way, you could end up revealing too

Full Moon in Virgo and a Message for Everyone! 3/1/21

  I chose not to write anything significant or do a livestream on Instagram this time celebration of the Full Moon. This one was a deeply healing one and left me cracked open like an eggshell and very vulnerable as I worked a bit with some inner issues that are deeply personal. This healing will continue to resurface and good to remember that I am simply a work in progress. I am also remembering to ground as I go through my day, every day. Sending blessings to you all...hope your Full Moon observance was just as potent as mine.

A New Moon in Aquarius and a Message for Everyone! 2/11/21

 So here we are at another Dark Moon as the Wheel of the Year keeps turning. The Moon is in Aquarius and Mercury is retrograde until February the 20th. It would be great to set some goals and intentions during this phase of the Moon, but perhaps many people, like myself for example, have found that their thoughts and ability to concentrate might be a bit muddled at this time.  The peak time of the New Moon/Dark Moon was earlier this morning, close to sunrise. The only reason we can't see the Dark Moon at this time is because it is blocked from our vision by the light of the Sun. This is the case with every Dark Moon/New Moon phase. With a quick check of a handy dandy online ephemeris, the cosmic weather is as follows: in addition to the Moon in Aquarius, Saturn is also in Aquarius and Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in Aquarius, Mercury is heading backwards (retro) also in the sign of Aquarius, Mars and Uranus are both in the sign of earthy Taurus, Neptune is in watery Pisces, and f

Full Moon in Leo and a Message for Everyone! 1/28/21

Here is the link to the video on Instagram! #tarotandstars   #tarotintampa   #tampatarot   #fullmoon   #fullmooninleo #fullmooninleo2021   #fullmoonforecast   #tarotreadersofinstagram   #tarotreadersofig   #tarotcommunity   #tarottribe   #astrologersofinstagram   #astrologersofig   #thestartarot   #astrologycommunity   #TarotTuesdays   #seminoleheights 🌕 ⭐🃏🔮 ❤🌹🧙‍♀️🦋☀️


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